Motivational T-Shirts To Get You Through The Next Big Race

If you follow me on Instagram you know how much of a HUGE fan of motivational t-shirts and tank tops I am.  I am pretty sure that my wardrobe of 99% motivational apparel.  So when Rush Order Tees offered to share their favorite motivational t-shirt sayings with me, I couldn’t say no.  

In fact, I said please DO and while you’re at it, TAKE ALL MY MONEY! 😉 My biggest problem today is going to be deciding which of these I want to buy first…

Motivational T-Shirts To Get You Through The Next Big Race

Motivational T-Shirts To Get You Through The Next Big Race. Read more:



After months of training, when race day finally arrives, it’s time to have some fun! Whether you’re running the race alone, with a friend, competing for your personal best, or just running for fun, throwing in a sense of creativity and humor adds to the whole experience. It’s like running in brand new sneakers in the sense that it offers a little extra motivation. At the very least, the humorous reactions you get from a silly t-shirt will provide you incentive to keep running, and might help some of the other runners, too. To help motivate you (or at least give everyone a little chuckle), here are 6 of the best race tees.


Be Memorable



If the thought of quitting even crosses your mind for a second, this shirt is sure to bring you back to your wits. No one remembers the people who give up. You signed up, you trained, you can do this! Never quit. Ever.


Who runs this town?



Over the months you spent training, you’ve probably trekked a good portion of your town by foot. One mile at a time, you saw every part of your town or city, and when you think about how many miles you ran during training, however many miles your race is seems miniscule. One mile at a time, you will also finish the race.


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Run Like a Girl



…and own it. This one will motivate the people around you to keep up, but also gives you an extra reason not to slow down. If the shirt says you’re fast, you have no choice but to live up to it. Keep that fire burning under your feet, and race your hardest.





It’s normally best to avoid cliche, but this one got us with the clever twist. Running a marathon? No big deal, just keep calm and marath-on. Marathons are generally a calmer race, one for keeping relaxed, slow, and steady.


Do it For the Haters



Who would want to see you fail? We certainly wouldn’t. But this shirt can help motivate anyone who uses running to relieve any stress in their life. Whether it’s stress at work, or stress in your legs during a race, this shirt challenges you to push through and finish it out. Never accept failure–finish the race!


To Get You Through The Crowds



Right when you’re in the midst of a crowded race, this shirt will serve as a perfect reminder to keep pushing through. Once you’re out of the crowd…you’re done the race! Get to that extra mile and beat the crowd.

Hopefully now you’re inspired, and maybe you’re even thinking about signing up for your next race! Don’t lose the motivation, there’s never a wrong time to start training and pushing yourself for the next big race.

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Ashley Bauer is a content marketer and writer living in Philadelphia. She works for Rush Order Tees, a national screen printing company that provides custom promotional merchandise to small and large organizations.

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