My Double Life

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been leading a double life. Well, on Instagram at least. You see, I have two separate accounts; one health & fitness, one all things mommy & wife. While I know it isn’t uncommon for a lot of people to have a separate IG accounts for fitness or recipes or whatever, I have taken special care to make sure my fitness account was kept a secret from all those I know “in real life” and I had been successful in doing so until yesterday.

I had the bright idea of maybe starting a Facebook page to share my recipes and such on. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it and I definitely wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself out there that publicly on Facebook (ya know, where all those people I know “in real life” would see it). Nonetheless, I was trying to figure out how stuff was even shared from Instagram to Facebook (my other account is not linked to Facebook at all) and I hit a few buttons and pressed a few things but from what I could tell I didn’t post anything. Then all the sudden a few minutes later my @mommymightgocrazy IG account has like 10 new followers and they’re all people I know IN REAL LIFE!!!

I was frantic! What the heck was going on? I immediately checked Facebook. Did I accidentally post something? What the crap did I do?!? From what I could tell, I didn’t post a thing. There was nothing on my timeline, nothing on my wall, nothing in the feed. I was absolutely baffled. How could all these people I know “in real life” suddenly find my fitness IG account all at the SAME TIME? As I’m desperately trying to figure it out, another handful of familiar friends started following me (turns out if you link the two it notifies Facebook friends on Instagram of your account. NEWS TO ME!).

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Now I was terrified. But of what? Why did it make me so upset that these people who are supposed to be my friends find out about the health obsessed, fitness fanatic in me?
The honest answer? The real, no holds barred, post whatever I please, say how I feel ME had been exposed. On any other social media forum, I have always been careful not to over-post and maintain an elusive, mysterious façade then no one could judge me.

That was my fear. What if all the people I know “in real life” think I’m a fitness FREAK? After hours of fretting and over-obsessing over this SNAFU, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t care. These people I know “in real life” can choose to follow me or not follow me. I will continue to post what I want and celebrate my progress and accomplishments because I’m doing this for me, not anyone else (aside from inspiring/motivating/empowering others). Why should I hide what I’m passionate about like it’s something to be ashamed of? Embracing my love for health & fitness on this social platform has brought me a great deal of happiness and amazing opportunities, and I don’t intend to give it up by giving into fear.

As my sister quoted yesterday while trying to comfort me “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.” – Mean Girls

Do you have a separate IG account for your fitness journey?
Do you keep it hidden or am I just crazy?
Have you ever let fear of judgement stop you from pursuing your dreams?

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  • March 27, 2014
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