New Grip Gloves Review & Giveaway! {Ended}

**Disclaimer** I was provided a free pair of NewGrips in exchange for a review.  As always, all opinions are my own. 

I was recently contacted by NewGrip to try out their weigh lifting pads.  I know I have written a lot of posts about running and running gear and though I have made casual mention of the cross training that I do, I haven’t ever really explained what my training workouts include.  

For those of you that don’t know, strength training was my first love. Kettlebells, sandbag, battling ropes, TRX, equalizers, BOSU, and even traditional weights are my favorite ways to cross-train.  Before I ever started running consistently, I rotated strength workouts using these tools with conditioning workouts and it is what I attribute to being able to pick up running with relative ease.  I love the type of challenge functional fitness offers, I love getting sweaty in a short amount of time and really feeling like I worked for it.  What I don’t love; the callouses and tearing all over my hands.  

I have never considered using gloves mostly because I have baby hands.  Nothing ever fit properly and I was always afraid that my form would suffer because of it.  Plus I really hate having my hands trapped in a sweaty glove.  I only learned of NewGrip Power Pads recently and shortly after I was contacted to try them out and was excited to give them a try! I was all about it especially if that meant no more ripped up hands!

At first look, the Power Pads don’t seem like anything all that special and I will admit that when I first opened the package, I was skeptical.  NewGrip even makes these bold claims about them:

  • Tougher than leather gloves
  • Thicker than leather gloves
  • Protects palms AND fingers. 
  • Solves the sweaty hand in glove problem.
  • Eliminates painful blisters and calluses. 
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The only way to find out if these claims were true was to put them to the test.  I chose two rigorous workouts using both dumbbells, kettlebells and my pull up bar just to see how effective the grip really was. 

To my surprise, NewGrips held up really well and I was actually able to maintain a firm, secure grip on both the dumbbells and the kettlebell.  Even though my hands got sweaty from all the hard work I was doing, they were able to breathe since they weren’t trapped inside a glove.  They were also easy to remove and put back on, unlike traditional gloves.  I even was able to do pull ups in them and still maintain good form and a secure grip on the bar.  I was honestly more impressed with NewGrips than I thought I would be and they’ll certainly come in handy when I strength train! <—See what I did there?

NewGrip Power Pads Giveaway

The fun news is that NewGrip has offered to giveaway one pair of Power Pads to my readers! All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below! Ends 11/5. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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