How New Yogis Can Embrace National Yoga Month

I’m not a yogi.  Or so I told myself for years.  I actually had practiced yoga on and off but was limited to when I was pregnant with my two daughters.  Toward the middle to end of the pregnancies, I scaled back my strength training a bit (due to being high risk) and started incorporating yoga instead.  

In an effort to “bounce back” from each of my pregnancies, I went back to strength training and running as soon as I was cleared to do so by the doctor.  Since then, I can count the number of times I’ve done yoga on one hand. As strong and as fit as I am, yoga just seemed like something that wasn’t “me”.   Sure, I have my clients cool down and stretch out with some traditional yoga poses but nothing more complicated that a pigeon pose. 

Then,  I attended the Ragnar Ambassador Summit this past August and my entire thought process changed.  My roommate happened to be a yoga instructor and also happened to be putting on a yoga class one of the mornings.  Being a supportive roomie, I chose to attend and let me tell you, it was amazing. 

Not only is she a fabulous instructor (which makes a huge difference) but I also found myself in yoga poses I would have never thought possible.  I swear I was this close to doing a crow pose.  The entire experience piqued my curiosity and left me wanting to actually practice yoga – which is perfect because September just so happens to be National Yoga Month!  

If, like me, you also happen to be new to yoga, here are a few ways you can use this month to embrace your inner yogi.

How new yogis can embrace National Yoga Month!

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Don’t give up.

As peaceful and relaxing as yoga can be, it can also be challenging.  Like any practice, it is important to stick with it, learn patience and not give up.  This message from Ascent Protein – The Official Sponsor of Hard Work, shows you just what I mean.

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Using the best real food ingredients, Ascent Protein helps to improve muscle health and performance.  Their Native Fuel protein comes in four flavors – Lemon Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Unflavored.  

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Ascent Protein Powder

Find your inner warrior.

Part of the exploration of yoga is finding your inner warrior.  Practicing it helps to you to focus, change your mindset, become more disciplined and discover self worth.  If you need inspiration on how to begin your journey then the book Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle is a great place to start.   It’s an Oprah’s Book Club Selection and and #1 New York Times Best Seller about how we are ALL born to be powerful warriors and finding peace in your own skin.

How to find your inner warrior

Give Kombucha a try.

If you really want to embrace the yoga lifestyle then giving kombucha a try is a must. I am sort of  being silly when I say that but there is a reason that drinking kombucha is so popular – the fermented drink is full of belly friendly probiotics and has energizing effects.

Kevita Master Brew  in particular makes a kombucha tea culture with live probiotics, organic acids, organic caffeine and is non-alcoholic.  It comes in several different flavor: Blueberry Basil, Ginger, Pineapple Peach, Lavender Melon, Mango Habanero, Dragonfruit Lemongrass, Citrus, Tart Cherry, Raspberry Lemon, Roots Beer and Blueberry Basil.

Respect your body.

Embracing your inner yogi is always about respecting what you put in AND on your body.  Using natural sweeteners in your coffee or tea like the new Organic Stevia In The Raw which is also vegan certified, naturally gluten free and non-GMO.  

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The same goes for personal care.  When showering and cleansing it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals.  Products like Simply Summer’s Eve Cleaning Cloths is soap free and helps to maintain a natural pH while wiping away bacteria.

On top of avoiding harsh chemicals, fueling with whole food ingredients helps to nourish the body.  On the the options like B.O.S.S. Bars are crafted with raw superfood ingredients, and are certified gluten free and Paleo. Bar types include, MOVE, THINK, RESTORE, SMILE and DAZZLE.  You can find them on both their website and Amazon Prime.  You can also score free shipping on any 5 pack or case of 12 on their site until October 15, 2017 with code BABBLEBOSS



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