Nuts for NuttZo- Review & GIVEAWAY! {Ended}

NuttZo Review & Giveaway! Usually when I am trying out a food product, it takes a few tastes for me to really get to know it and for my palate to appreciate all of the flavors and textures.  I recently tried NuttZo for the first time and there was no mistakening- it was love at first spoonful.  Yes, I said spoonful because as soon as I opened it I dug right in with the largest spoon I could find and enjoyed every last lick 😛NuttZo Review & Giveaway!

Before I continue to profess my love for NuttZo, I should probably tell you what it’s all about.  NuttZo is a gourmet seven nut and seed butter that comes in three amazing flavors: Original, Power Fuel & Peruvian Dark Chocolate! Each flavor comes in both a crunchy and a smooth version (all organic of course 😉 ).  I was sent a jar of Original to try along with individual packets of both Power Fuel and Peruvian Dark Chocolate.  While I was tempted to rip into the chocolate packet first (because, duh- it’s chocolate), I held off and muscle opened the jar to start with.  

As soon as I scooped a spoonful, I not so gracefully shoved it in my mouth  and tasted nothing like I have ever tasted before! The flavors of peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, flax seeds and sunflower seeds all exploded together in the nut and seed butter symphony! My taste buds were singing while I struggled to refrain from eating the entire jar! If this was so mind-blowing I could only imagine how delicious the Peruvian Dark Chocolate and Power Fuel would taste. 

NuttZo Review & Giveaway!

SPOILER ALERT: I love them both, obviously.  The chocolate tasted almost like an indulgence of sorts but since it only has 2 grams of sugar per serving and is made up of all organic nuts and seeds- I don’t feel the least bit of guilt spreading a bit on my toast :) The Power Fuel also tasted equally as amazing and would be perfect for a pre or post workout snack! 

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I was also able to manage to spread some of the Original Crunchy on some toast before devouring it.  Check out all this nut and seed butter goodness:NuttZo Review & Giveaway!

Seriously, it tastes as good as it looks.  I usually buy my almond butter smooth and have tried crunchy peanut butter in the past but this takes it to a whole new level.  Even my kids are nuts about NuttZo and I am sad to report that nearly half of the jar is already gone.  

I had planned on making one of the amazing recipes that they had listed on their site with this nut and seed butter goodness but most of the recipes I wanted to make called for more NuttZo than I was willing to part with (ok, more than I had left because I pretty much ate it all).  Anyway, I  did manage to come up with a smoothie recipe for it which is perfect because all of the nuts and seeds in NuttZo are things I usually include in my smoothie anyway-so it worked out perfectly!

On top of NuttZo just being plain delicious, the company itself is pretty awesome! When I was reading the story behind the company I realized that I had something in common with the founders other than our love for nut butter.  Back in 2002, they adopted a son from Ukraine and learned that he was only in the fifth percentile for his weight and age.  They needed to help him gain weight and since he was only accustomed to smooth textures, they resorted to a nut and seed butter blend to properly nourish his growing body.  Lo and behold NuttZo was born! Though She Be But Little- NuttZo

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While reading their story, I couldn’t help but relate.  I too have a daughter who is underweight and requires proper nourishing.  She stopped growing in utero, was born fighting for her life and was failing to thrive at two weeks old.  Though her infancy was a struggle, she is now three and otherwise healthy and hitting all her milestones except for her weight- she doesn’t even touch the charts.  The one food she loves; nut butter.  If all else fails, this kid will eat a jar of it.  NuttZo is better than nut butter- it’s nourishing and purposefully blended with nuts and seeds that provide a multitude of vitamins and minerals.  It is perfection in a jar! NuttZo Project Left Behind

As if NuttZo couldn’t be any more amazing- the sale of the products also help fund Project Left Behind which is a non-profit organization that was founded by the creators of NuttZo to support other children that were ‘left behind’ at the orphanage in Ukraine.  Super nut and seed butter with a cause is pretty freakin’ awesome if you ask me! 

Oh and did I mention they also offered to do a giveaway of a jar of their Original NuttZo to one of my lucky readers? Like I said, they’re pretty freakin’ awesome! You can enter the giveaway below using the rafflecopter.  One random winner will be selected and once emailed have 48 hours to respond! Ends 9/18- GOOD LUCK! :) 
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