NUUN Tri-Berry Sangria

NUUN Tri-Berry Sangria

Is there anything worse than waking up with a parched mouth and throbbing head after a long night of partying like its 1999? Not much really, except maybe death and the day you found out the truth about Santa.

We could all just avoid this self inflicted torture by making the responsible decision of choosing not to drink but what fun is that? You could also hydrate in-between with water, (which I think is a fabulous idea) but results in more frequent trips to the potty and possibly even wetting of the unders if you really get crazy.


So what’s a wino to do? Add flavored hydration tabs to your wine. I can’t take credit for this idea but it was too fabulous not to share. Since I started using NUUN electrolyte tabs to keep hydrated while running, I have come across some alternative ways to use it. One being using NUUN tablets to enhance alcoholic bevies with electrolytes. GENIUS! NUUN comes in a variety of different flavors but when I tried the Tri-Berry I immediately thought of adding it to my wine. I am far from a mixologist so I kept my drink recipe pretty simple.

NUUN Tri-Berry Sangria
Serves 1
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  1. 6 ounces white wine
  2. 2 strawberries, halved
  3. 3 blackberries
  4. 3 raspberries
  5. 1 NUUN Tri-Berry tab
  1. Yes, I know that seems like a long time to wait for wine but it will just taste better once the berries and wine have chilled and taken time to absorb the flavors.
The Fit Foodie Mama
Pretty simple, right? There are SO many other recipes that NUUN users have come up with that all look delicious. I just ordered a variety pack of flavors so I am hoping to play around and make a few other drink combos.

Hope everyone is having a festive and fabulous holiday weekend. May it be free of any horrific hangovers 😉

Have you ever tried NUUN tabs or used them to enhance an adult beverage? What is your favorite flavor?

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