Pine Nut Pesto & Hummus 7 Grain Sandwich {Gluten Free}

Growing up, I used to eat sandwiches for lunch all the time.  Even as I got older and in college, a sandwich was my lunch of choice.  Back then (yes, I’m old), a lot of my friend would opt for a salad because they were trying to lose “the freshman 15” but I always would grab a sandwich of sorts – a heaping pile of lettuce with veggies looked good but never satisfied my hunger. 

Finishing my boxing class, going for a quick run and then refueling with a fresh turkey sandwich was pretty much my routine my junior year.  It wasn’t until my senior year when I started getting plagued with stomach issues and decided to ditch gluten (and dairy) that I stopped eating sandwiches. 

When I first started on my gluten free journey (10 years ago), finding a suitable bread substitute wasn’t easy so like my friends in college, made the switch to salads for lunch, stuck with oatmeal for breakfast and rice for dinner. 

It wasn’t until several years later that I started trying out different gluten free breads.  I soon discovered one that I found was perfect for toast with my eggs in the morning but nothing to replace the fluffy sandwich bread I was used to for all of those years. 

Then, over the last year or so, that changed.  I started trying different gluten free bread options and found one particular brand that tasted pretty amazing – it was Canyon Bakehouse and it was fluffy and it was soft, just like sandwich bread should be.  
Pine Nut Pesto & Hummus 7 Grain Sandwich {Gluten Free}

At first I tried their Heritage Style Whole Grain, then their Country White then the Ancient Grain.  I loved them all and tried whatever different variety I could get my hands (they have quite a few). 

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Most recently I tried the Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain bread and immediately made whipped up a Pine Nut Pesto and Hummus Sandwich.   A little out of the ordinary but since I no longer eat deli meat or dairy, it seemed like a winning flavor combo to me and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. 

pesto sandwich

pesto hummus sandwich

pesto hummus 2

I warmed up the bread ever so slightly and then spread on the hummus and pesto layered with sliced cucumbers. 

OMG. It was delicious.  It was everything I have been missing, wanting and didn’t know I needed.  The combo of the pesto, hummus and cucumbers made it taste super fresh and the 7 grain bread was soft and satisfying without falling apart like some GF breads do. 

While I did make the sandwich with fresh homemade pesto, I used store bought hummus because I didn’t have any on hand and was super hangry.  Nonetheless, it tasted amazing and is going to be part of my lunchtime routine from now on. 

So long salads, mama is getting her sandwiches back! 

Pine Nut Pesto & Hummus 7 Grain Sandwich



  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 cup chopped basil
  • 1/3 cup pine nuts
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 2 pieces of Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain Bread
  • store bought plain hummus 
  • European cucumber, sliced 


  1. Combine oil, lemon juice, garlic, basil and salt in a food processor and pulse until smooth. 
  2. Add in pine nuts and pulse again until smooth and combined. 
  3. Microwave or slightly toast bread so that it’s warm.
  4. Spread pesto on one slice and hummus on the other.  Place sliced cucumbers on top of the layer of hummus. Put slices together and then cut diagonally. 
  5. Eat and enjoy! 
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Emily @Sinful Nutrition
Reply January 12, 2018

Oh boy, I think I'm in love! I'm such a sucker for anything pesto related!

Deborah Brooks
Reply January 12, 2018

Interesting flavor combo! Sometimes I just want a sandwich too. Never thought of combining pesto and hummus!
Deborah Brooks recently posted...Tried & True Winter Skin Care Tips For RunnersMy Profile

Julie @ Running in a Skirt
Reply January 12, 2018

I've heard great things about that bread too! I'm all about a sandwich too... sometimes just greens do make me hungry later too.:-)

Reply January 12, 2018

Pesto is one of my favorite things! <3 Love that you paired it together with hummus! *-*

Have a wonderful weekend!
Farrah recently posted...Pomegranate SlushieMy Profile

Reply January 12, 2018

Yum! I love pesto. This looks like it would make a great work lunch

Abbey Sharp
Reply January 12, 2018

Mmm pesto and hummus sounds like the best combo ever.

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply January 12, 2018

I have everything to make this! (cue happy dance)

Reply January 12, 2018

ohh this looks great! I used to put hummus on my sandwiches, don't know why I haven't done that in a while, will definitely have to try this

Reply January 12, 2018

I miss a good sandwich. This looks tasty!

Reply January 12, 2018

I'm such a sucker for a yummy sandwich! This looks amazing!

Summer @ summer-price
Reply January 12, 2018

I love cucumber and hummus sandwiches I think adding pesto is brilliant and the bread does look way better than most gluten-free breads.

carmy @
Reply January 12, 2018

I need that pine nut pesto ASAP!

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