Pocket Protein Kidz: Healthy Snack for Strong Bodies & Minds

 Pocket Protein KIDZI was recently contacted by Pocket Protein and asked to try out their new line specifically designed for kids.  They already make a Pocket Protein for adults which is a blend of whey protein and hydrolyzed collagen to provide a punch of nutrition in a pocket-friendly package.  It has 15 grams of protein in the 2 fluid ounce serving size. It is also fat free, gluten free, lactose free and sugar free though it is sweetened with sucralose. 

Recognizing that there was a need to provide children (aka picky eaters or those with intolerances) with a healthy source of protein, Pocket Protein modified their original recipe to create Pocket Protein Kidz.  Pocket Protein Kidz

Pocket Protein Kidz contains 7 grams of protein, has all natural sweeteners and is low in sugar. Like the adult version, it is a blend of whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed collagen. It is made with apple juice and contains less than 4 grams of sugar.

It is free of gluten, dairy, lactose and nuts and is non-GMO. It is also free of artificial colors, sweeteners and sodium benzoate making it ideal for children struggling with autism and ADD/ADHD.  Pocket Protein Kidz also adheres to the same regulations as juice and is pediatrician approved. 

Since Pocket Protein requires no refrigeration, it is ideal for sticking in a backpack for a snack later or a gym bag for a post-sports fuel.  As I mentioned before, it is also an ideal way for children who are gluten or lactose sensitive and for all those picky eaters.  While I can speak to both, in regards to my kids and my personal reasons for wanting to try Pocket Protein Kidz, I am going to focus on the latter.  IUGR

My oldest who is 3 1/2 has always struggled with proper nourishment, even before she was born.  While in the womb, my placenta died and she stopped growing.  She was born via emergency c-section and had stayed in the NICU for several days only to be released and re-hospitalized for failing to thrive.  

The first several months of her life were a struggle I couldn’t wait until I could feed her “real food” only to discover she pretty much refused to eat.  We tried everything including PediaSure, which she absolutely hated.  

To say that she is a picky eater isn’t exactly fair.  She loves kale, quinoa, chicken and steak but there are days when she just refuses to eat.  At nearly four years old the kid weighs a whopping 24 lbs, she literally isn’t even on the growth charts.  SO when I was contacted by Pocket Protein, I was intrigued…something like this could be a great solution for the days that she refuses her meals.

The million dollar question was would she eat it? Since it’s Fruit Punch flavor, I figured she would but a taste test was in order. Here is how it went:

Ready to try.

Ready to try.


Deep in thought about her verdict...

Deep in thought about her verdict…

...and she likes it! Hooray!

…and she likes it! Hooray!

Big smiles for PPK!

Big smiles for PPK!

As you can see, Pocket Protein Kidz is also preschooler approved! While my first choice is to always feed her whole food, it is comforting to know that I have another option for providing her nourishment during the days that she won’t eat anything else. Pocket Protein Kidz

Another cool thing about Pocket Protein is that they have partnered with Feeding America in an effort to help fight childhood hunger and obesity.  For every pre-order of Pocket Protein Kidz, they will match it and donate to a child in need of better nutrition.Pocket Protein Kidz

Right now you can pre-order Pocket Protein Kidz for $9.95 until 12/12 and if you use my discount code FOODIEMAMA, you can receive an additional 15% off! You will also be entered into their sweepstakes to win a $500 VISA gift card. 😀

To learn more about Pocket Protein Kidz, and their effort to fight childhood hunger and obesity, check out their crowd funding page here

**Disclosure** This post was sponsored by Pocket Protein but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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