Post Long Run Recovery Essentials

Currently I’m 12 weeks into marathon training and have logged over 123 miles for July with another 7 mile run to get in before the month is over.  So far, my body has responded pretty well to the increase in mileage and I attribute that to a few things.

 One, not increasing my mileage too quickly.  Two, not going out too hard/too fast.  And three, taking care of myself after my long runs. In my opinion, recovery is one of the most important parts of training.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll likely end up injured and ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉 

5 Post Long-Run Recovery Essentials

Post Long-Run Recovery Essentials + Compression Giveaway! {marathon training, running, recovery, addaday roller, hydration, protein smoothie}

1. Recovery Snack. 

Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you all to eat, right? I mean, that is why we run, isn’t it?! 😉 Just kidding, sort of.  Honestly, the first thing I do after walking in the door is head straight for my blender and make a protein smoothie.  They say you should eat a combination of protein and carbs within 20 minutes of your run in order to curb your appetite and feed your muscles.  I find it easiest to do this with a recovery smoothie that includes protein powder, frozen berries and some turmeric powder to act as an anti-inflammatory. 

2. Hydration.

I don’t know about you but after a long run (especially during the summer), I turn into a human salt-lick which means there are lost electrolytes that need to be replaced.  While I’m making my protein smoothie I usually grab some water and some form of electrolyte tab or recovery accelerator to replenish what I’ve sweated out. 

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3. Massage Stick/Foam Roller.

One thing I tend to be pretty terrible at post-run is stretching or foam rolling, it’s literally the last thing I want to do even though I know it’s necessary.  I have found this Addaday Type C massage roller easier to use and those little knobs on the roller get in there oh-so-good.  What I also love about this massage roller is that it’s portable so no excuse not to give those muscles a little more TLC even when I’m on the go! 

4. Cushioned Sandals. 

I know cushioned sandals sound like a luxury but after you’ve run 10+ miles, they’re necessary.  The first thing I do after I finish my run (before I make my smoothie) is rip off my shoes and socks and slip my tried feet into these little pillows of sandal heaven.  The last thing I wanna do after running for hours is walk around but obviously with two small children sitting is nearly impossible.  These make walking possible which makes them essential! :) 

5. Compression Sleeves/Socks

Last but certainly not least, compression sleeves/socks.  I know a lot of runners who actually run in them but for whatever reason, I cannot.  What I DO love them for is post-run recovery and lately I’ve been rockin’ these butterfly beauties from SLS3 Compression

sls3 compression review + giveaway. Post long run recovery essentials via @fitfoodiemama

Wearing compression apparel like socks and sleeves are a great way to help reduce post activity soreness and help to rid the body of metabolic waste through improved circulation. 

SLS3 compression sleeves and socks offer graduated compression, seamless TekWeb technology, muscle stability, increased blood flow, have a cooling effect and also UV protection! 

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Personally, I am a fan of compression sleeves during the summer and SLS3 was gracious enough to send me a pair to try.  I’ve been wearing them post run over the last month or so and really like them! 

sls3 compression review + giveaway. post long run recovery essentials

They offer everything that I love in a compression sleeve– enough tightness to work but not so tight that the circulation is cut off in my leg. I also really like the bright teal colors and while I am not normally a butterfly person, I do like the design a lot! The combination of the teal color with the butterflies reminds me of hope for whatever reason! 

If you’re really not a butterfly person, they do offer other designs as well! 

SLS3 Compression Review + Giveaway

Not all available colors.

Sizes range from XS/S (11.5″-13.5″) to L/XL (15″-18″).  While normally in other brands I am typically a small, I fell into the S/M category due to the way SLS3 groups the measurements. 

Overall, I’m a fan and they have definitely become one of my essential recovery items after a long run! 

If you want to try out SLS3 compression for yourself, you can use code TFFM40 for 40% off which means you can score a pair of compression socks for less than $28!!! 

sls3 compression giveaway from @fitfoodiemama


You can also try your chances at winning a pair from SLS3 for free! Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.  Ends 8/5.

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