Power Playlist for Half Marathon Training

Summer Power Playlist for Half Marathon Training
Wednesdays are my long run and after listening to the same playlist for the last several weeks I was in need of a new playlist to keep me going.  My previous playlist was full of songs that were motivational and pushed me to keep on keepin’ on.  They’re awesome songs but now that we are in the dog days of summer I wanted something that would power me through the hot and humid hour or so I spend poundin’ the pavement. 

jog.fm running playlist
I stumbled across this site called jog.fm that allows you to create playlists based on beats per minute and pace and can be narrowed down by genre.  Some of you seasoned runners may already be familiar with it but its a new-to-me site and I think it is pretty amazing. They apparently also make an app as well, but I haven’t checked that out yet!

Since I wanted something that would pump me up I wanted to pick from Hip Hop/Rap songs and more hardcore Alternative Rock music.  After narrowing it down by genre, I entered my average pace of 8:30 min/mile just to see what would come up.  A good chunk of songs that I had in mind were suggested then I also picked several others that didn’t correspond to my specific pace filter but that I knew would make me move. You can also choose from other people’s pre-made playlists based on pace or genre too which I thought was kind of fun!

Here is the playlist that I came up with:

Summer Power Playlist for Half Marathon Training

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Just to make it easier to listen to/buy the songs I have on my playlist I have embedded an iTunes widget.  It is not an affiliate link or anything, just a simple way to give you access to the songs. 

Summer Power Playlist for Half Marathon Training

Interesting side note: I wrote this post last night and listened to these tunes this morning as I ran my 8 miler.  My average pace was 8:29 which is almost dead on to the pace I picked for the playlist.  Maybe next time I should pick faster songs and I’ll speed up? Ha! Probably  not but I thought it was ironic and wanted to share :)

QOTD: What are your favorite songs that get you movin’?

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