Put Some Pep In Your Running Step With Spring Moves App

Spring Moves Running App

Some time ago I posted a power playlist for half marathon training that was made run to beats per minute.  I had found this website that had songs categorized by beats per minute and pace, picked them out strategically and created the playlist. 

Not so coincidentally, when I ran to that playlist I ran at almost the exact pace that I had organized the playlist to and while it was fun and really interesting, I hadn’t created another playlist using that method as it was a little time consuming.  

Then, recently I was reached out on Twitter by an app company called Spring Moves.  Spring Moves is a rhythm based music service full of workout songs for running, power walking, spin, road biking and even intervals all based on beats per minute.  

Spring Moves App

Running along to the beat isn’t just for fun, either.  There is actually a science behind it referred to as musical dissociation.  In fact, Spring Moves even shared some music and movement based facts and stats with me that I found particularly interesting: 

  • Running to the beat increases time to exhaustion so you can work out for longer
  • There have been studies showing fMRI images of the brain stimulating the centers of the brain associated with pleasure during rhythm based movement 
  • It’s an efficient way to increase your speed and technique as a runner while making it way more enjoyable (you increase your SPM little by little) 
  • Your body uses less oxygen when you sync your steps with rhythm meaning you can perform the same workout but with less effort, attributing to better performance and increased stamina
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I found these stats particularly interesting and pretty true, at least in my case.  I swear I run faster and it’s especially helpful during tempo runs!

Over the last few weeks, I have been testing out the app and really enjoy being able to not only pick a beat to run to but also genres of music that I want to listen to.  

Spring Moves Review

Think of it as sort of Pandora like except you can pick several genres of music instead of just one and at the end of your workout, you can rate the song to either play less, neutral or play more. 

There is also a GPS feature so it will track your run, announce as you hit each mile and keep a log of all your activity! 

Spring Moves App

If you want to do a HIIT workout instead of run, you can also set up intervals and the music will correspond. 

Spring Moves App


Spring Moves App


Once you’re all done with your workout you also get some praised with a fun and celebratory song…may sound silly but it’s really satisfying especially after a tough run! 

So far, I have really enjoy my experience with Spring Moves and I have to say that running to the beat has definitely helped to increase my pace especially when I was feeling ready to give up.  In fact, there were moments when a certain song came on and it almost felt cinematic running along to encouraging songs with a perfectly timed tempo. 

You can download a free version which allows you to try out the app for a certain number of hours for free until it prompts you to upgrade for $3.99 a month.  That can be extended by referring friends and get a deal with you subscribe to the Spring Moves App.

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Spring Moves also has a pretty awesome website with some great informational articles about running, nutrition and even workouts. 

Spring Moves Blog Fit Foodie Mama

Speaking of their website, if you check out the Spring Moves blog, you might even find an interview with yours truly! 😉 

Have you ever tried running to the beat? 

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