#RunChatHunt: June Scavenger Finds

Since I have started running regularly I have encountered a lot of random things on my routes.  Living in a small rural area can be incredibly scenic and also can provide some pretty interesting material to photograph. So when I saw that #RunChat was having a June scavenger hunt sponsored by ENERGYbits (just tried them out, I will be posting a review soon :) ),  I decided to participate.  

#RunChat June Scavenger Hunt

After taking one look at the list I knew I could find a majority of these items on my running routes.  While I have found a good handful of things on the list, I am struggling with a few.  Really, where the heck do they have pay phones this day and age? Here is what I have found thus far: 

1. Trail Path
Trail Path #RunChatHunt IFPProjectOswego
This one was easy for me. Every Thursday night I meet with I’m Fit Possible Project Oswego Walk/Run group at a local running trail. There are these cool little bridges all over and I am never at a loss to find a pretty picture to take.

3. A dog (yours or someone else running with one)
#RunChat Hunt Dog

This is my Mom’s dog, Mia.  We took her on a run with us one Thursday night as well.  She was really happy to be out and enjoying some fresh air! You can see her little smile in this picture :)

4. Someone Fishing
#RunChatHunt Fishing

I took my kiddos on a two mile stroller run one day by the river and found at least a half dozen fisherman. This was the best picture I could get of someone fishing though without looking like a total creeper. I’m pretty sure I passed him three times before I was able to take one where he wasn’t going to notice!

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5. Sunrise or sunset 
#RunChatHunt Sunrise

Also an easy picture for me to take.  I always wake up at the literal crack of dawn and go for run so I get to experience the beauty of a sunrise often. I have a half dozen pictures that are prettier than this but I took this at the beginning of the hunt and it was the one I ended up tweeting. 

6. Farm Equipment
#RunChatHunt Farm Equipment

I live in the country.  I can pet cows on my run.  Checked this one off, no problem! 

7. Road Kill
#RunChatHunt Roadkill

I see poor little critters like this every other mile on my route.  R.I.P Mr. Raccoon.  

10. Gnome 
#RunChatHunt Gnome 

I honestly didn’t think I would come across a lawn gnome at all.  A lot of the houses I see are set back and I would for sure get eaten by a dog if I took the chance of sneaking into the yard.  Then one morning as I am running along, I see this little gem of a gnome just hanging out in between two despondent looking statues.  I did a little pit stop and a “snap, snap” and continued on.  Thanks to whoever lives here and has an appreciation for tacky lawn ornaments.  


No Longer Missing:
#2. Funny road/store/church sign– Nothing like waiting until the very last minute to find a sign! Came across this sign for a local Onion Meeting while running today.  If this doesn’t scream “rural life” I don’t know what does.  

#RunChatHunt Road Sign
#8. A great local dive bar– I ended up running here shortly after I originally posted this.  This local dive bar is about 4 miles from my house but the entire third mile is up a hill which is why I have avoided running there to snap a pic.  Ironically, I had one of my best runs yet and had a personal best for my 8 mile time! 

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#RunChatHunt Local Dive Bar
#9. Pay phone–  Have no fear, I finally found a pay phone on an 11 miler through the country side.  I take back what I said about an “Onion Meeting” screaming rural life.  This takes the cake, finding a random pay phone in the middle of no where with no function or purpose could only be found in the sprawling rural fields of Central New York. 

#RunChatHunt Pay Phone

What is the most interesting you have come across while running? What would be the hardest  item for you to find on the list?

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