Seriously Amazing Apera Bags: Performance Duffel Review

Recently, Apera Bags was nice enough to agree to send me a bag of my choice to try out and review.  I honestly had the hardest time ever trying to choose.  The Tech Pack is super versatile and would be awesome to travel with, the Sling Tote and Yoga Tote would be great for quick trips to the gym or local race, and the Active Pack & Duffel Pack are great for all your gym gear needs but I ultimately picked the Performance Duffel since I thought I would get the most use out of it.  I am actually not a frequent gym goer but I do have a lot of racecations on the schedule including Ragnar Relay Adirondacks and this bag is exactly what I needed to fit all my gear!

Apera Review

Before I get into all the fun details of the Performance Duffel- let me explain to you a bit about Apera.  Apera Bags officially launched in 2012 with the goal of making healthier, more functional bags than what currently existed on the market.  They did this by incorporating several design elements that were lacking with all other sports bags.

Every single Apera Bag includes these awesome and often overlooked (but totally necessary) features: Apera Bag Review

Antimicrobial Protection– the material both inside and out of each bag is treated with antimicrobial product protection which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria. So no more stinky gym bag smell- hooray! Apera Bag Review

Vented Compartments– which works to keep the bag dry and odor free when you have to use it to store wet clothes, shoes, etc. Do you SEE all those little vents? Stylish & functional! 😉 Apera Bag Review

Wipeable Linings– Unlike other bags that allows dirt and grime to gather, you can simply wipe the bag with warm water and soap to keep it clean! How easy is that? It is hard to tell from my picture but believe me when I say it’s wipeable :) Apera Bag Review

Washable Insert– the bag also comes with it’s own washable insert so that you can separate and sort your wet items from your dry items or you dirty items from clean items.  This would be great if you need to store swim suits or say, dirty clothes after a muddy run. 

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The Performance Duffel includes all of those features plus it could seriously fit pretty much anything you’d think you might need for a gym session, athletic event or racecation.  It comes in three colors; blue, pearl and fuchsia.  While the fuchsia would perfectly match all my pink gear, I ended up going with the pearl so that my hubby could use it as well! Apera Performance Duffel

This bag contains some super functional awesomeness both on the outside and in.  Let’s break it down.

Exterior: pockets, compartments and storage, oh my! This duffel brags of not one but TWO flexible water bottle pockets, TWO vented compartments that can store a pair of shoes in each, TWO top compartments that are padded to protect valuables and TWO storage pockets- one padded for a laptop or tablet and one perfect for all your extras. Oh and it also boasts a waterproof base which protects all of it’s contents when you set it on the ground.  

Photo-35Apera Bag Review Apera Bag ReviewInterior: can you say holy storage? The Performance Duffel has a wide opening for easy access and a serious amount of space.  Plus there are pockets galore- perfect for jewelry toiletries and accessories. The inside lining is also light (not a dark black hole like other sports bags) so you can easily find your gear. See, look: Apera Bag Review

I was able to pack ALL the stuff I needed for Ragnar in here.  In an effort to condense this review I won’t list it all out again but if you wanna see how much I was able to fit for a 2 day, 200 mile relay you can check out my Ragnar packing list post!  I was amazed at how I was able to fit everything I need perfectly and it all had a place especially 2 pairs of sneakers that have their own little special place to live. 😉

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In regards to size of this bag, I have to say that I think it is just right for it’s purpose.  I happen to be a very petite person but I feel comfortable carrying this bag around and don’t find it cumbersome in anyway.  The strap is padded as well which makes it feel considerably lighter (when packed with all my stuff) than it really is.  Here are the size dimensions as provided by the website: Apera Performance Duffel Specifications

I wish that I had a full length mirror in my house (is it weird that I don’t?) so that I could snap a pic and show you the size in relation to me.  You’ll just have to trust me when I say that it is big enough to fit everything you need but small enough that it isn’t overwhelming.  Apera even claims that it will fit in overhead bins or compartments on planes and if that is the case this is for sure my new carry on bag! 

So now that I have told you how amazing Apera Bags are, I am guessing you want one to have and to hold (or carry), am I right? Good news! Apera usually runs a giveaway of a certain bag each month on their site.  All you have to do is sign up for their email newsletter at the bottom of their website.  Apera Bag Review

At the conclusion of each month they will randomly draw a name from their subscribers to select a winner! For the months of September and October Apera will let the winner pick a bag of their choice!  How awesome is that? Oh and did I mention their Sprint Pack? They donate one to the Special Olympics for every three bags they sell.  Like I said, Apera is pretty amazing! 

QOTD: What do you use to tote your fitness gear? 

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