#ShareSomethingInspiring Twitter Challenge Recap

I have to say that I am kind of sad that the #ShareSomethingInspiring Twitter Challenge hosted by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane is over.  I have really enjoy the last month of finding and sharing inspiring things to tweet as well as reading everyone else’s inspirational tweets! 

Here is a quick recap of the last week of tweets!

June 16: #sharesomethinginspiring about Lorna Jane Clarkson!

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 8.15.57 PMI chose to share that Lorna Jane is coming out with a cookbook called Nourish that features over 120 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies along with meal planners and tips for healthy eating.  The cookbook is meant to encourage you to stop dieting and start nourishing your body.  I am going to have the opportunity to review it and I can’t wait! Clearly, I am passionate about cooking but I am even more excited to see all of the inspiration she shares along with the recipes. 

June 17: #sharesomethinginspiring from Pinterest! 

I had found these running mantras while browsing through my fellow Sweat Pink Sister, Kate’s blog a few days earlier. I love reading what pushes other people to the finish and I immediately pinned it because I was so inspired by her collection of running mantras.

June 18: #sharesomethinginspiring to someone who has touched your life recently! 

While I have never met Lindsay, aka SheMomFit, in person, we have been communicating over the last several months after she reached out to me to tell me about a Strollerderby that she was organizing. The more I have gotten to know her, the more inspired I am by her. She is growing her own business, organizing the 2014 Rivertown Strollerderby, and inspiring other moms to be fit and active. Thanks, Lindsay! You touched my life when you reached out to me and I can’t wait to finally meet you in Sept! 

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June 19: #sharesomethinginspiring about the future! 

We always think about “tomorrow” being the future when in reality the next minute or better yet second is actually the future. You don’t need a fresh day to start, you just need a deep breath and a different perspective :)

June 20: #sharesomethinginspiring about new beginnings!

Much like the future starts today, every moment is a new beginning. I guess I kind of associate the future and new beginnings!

June 21: #sharesomethinginspiring about anything! 

It’s officially summer and the first day was absolutely beautiful! I went for an early morning 7 mile run and snapped this picture when I reached the top of a hill. The sun couldn’t be shining more perfectly. Happy Summer Solstice, indeed! :) 

That’s it! That is the last #ShareSomethingInspiring tweet and like I said at the beginning, I am really sad.  I really looked forward everyday to waking up and tweeting something inspiring and reading all of the other inspiration that was being shared by my Sweat Pink Sisters.  Not only was I a bit more inspired everyday, but this also gave me a great chance to get to know what inspired other people.  My favorite aspect of it all was sharing each other’s inspiring tweets in posts and by retweeting them.  I had always reserved twitter for posting about my blog or sharing other blogger’s posts and had generally avoided motivational type photos because I didn’t really think of using twitter in that way.  This has definitely changed my perspective and made me feel closer to all the other Sweat Pink Sisters who participated! Thanks ladies, I have really been most inspired by you all :) 

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What inspired you this week? 

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