#ShareSomethingInspiring Week 2 Recap

Happy Sunday and first day of June! Woohoo! This past week was the second week of the #ShareSomethingInspiring Twitter Challenge that I am participating in with Fit Approach and Lorna Jane, here is a recap of my tweets I shared: 

May 26: #sharesomethinginspiring about a blogger/online buddy who inspires you! 

I had to shout out to my blogger friends Renee at Bendiful Blog and Laura at Fit Mama Love for all of their support that they have given me from the start of my blogging adventure! Although Renee and I have never met in person, we live in the same area and she has been incredibly supportive and provided me with numerous valuable resources. She is also an inspiration to me and I hope to some day be as successful with my blog as she is with hers! Laura has also been an incredible resource and extremely supportive. When I first decided I wanted to start a blog, I tweeted asking for help. Laura immediately responded and gave me awesome advice on how to start and where to get more information! Her kind words and encouragement meant the world to me and without her initial support I would probably still be lost :)

May 27: #sharesomethinginspiring about a personal accomplishment!  

This personal accomplishment holds a lot of meaning to me. In high school I lost a very close friend and have always carried his memory with me. On this particular race day I went to pick my packet up and “his number” was my bib number. I was immediately inspired to run the race for him. I ended up PR’ing with a time of 7:47 miles/min for the 5k! I am pretty sure I never ran that fast before that and I know I haven’t run that fast since. There is no doubt that he used his wings to help me fly!

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May 28: #sharesomethinginspiring- anything that inspires you! 

Every time I go out for an early morning run and I see the sunrise, I am in awe of it’s beauty and it always reminds me that today is a new day and to enjoy every minute of it. I took this picture one of those mornings when I was running and watched the sun creep over the horizon, seeing it never fails to amaze me.

May 29: #sharesomethinginspiring to someone in your life who really needs it!

I didn’t have a specific friend in mind that needed encouragement so I shared this to anyone needing a reminder that believing you can do something is the most powerful thing you can do. It’s corny but true, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and is one of the mantras I live by!

May 30: #sharesomethinginspiring about your family!

My Mother is one of the people in my family that inspires me the most. About five years ago, she was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and a rare disease called acromegaly or “adult onset giantism” which was causing her to grow at an alarming rate. In order to save her from the deadly effects of this disease she had to have the tumor removed at a specialty hospital in Boston. Not once did she complain or feel sorry for herself. Her strength, determination and perspective throughout the entire ordeal was incredibly inspiring.


May 31: #sharesomethinginspiring that makes you laugh! 

This made me laugh because I am a nerd and I love books 😀

June 1: #sharesomethinginspiring about taking a leap of faith!

I think taking a leap of faith involves believing in the process, realizing that the first step is always the hardest and having the determination to swim even when you feel like you’re sinking :) Phew…that was a lot of inspiration cramped into one post! I’m really enjoying this challenge so far and can’t wait keep tweeting all the things I am inspired by.

What inspired you this week?  

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