#ShareSomethingInspiring Week 4 Recap

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Daddy’s out there! Since today is Father’s Day, I will start with what I shared this morning in honor of my Daddio.

June 15 #sharesomethinginspiring about your dad!
Marathoner Dad

I have always known my Dad to be strong although not loud and never the type to talk much about himself. Growing up, I was aware that he had been in the Marines before I was born and talked about his experience and places he traveled to depending where he had training or where he was stationed.  What I learned more recently about him was that he was also an avid runner prior to my birth and even raced marathons! Obviously being a Marine is impressive as it is but learning that he was a dedicated runner gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of him.  It made me realize that my strength to endure and persist was learned from him and there is no such thing as the word “can’t”.  Thanks Dad! You are a great source of inspiration to me and have been even if I don’t always say it :) Ok, back to recapping in chronological order…because I’m A-type like that!

June 9 #sharesomethinginspiring from the news!

When I went searching for an inspiring news article to tweet, this really struck me! Out of the goodness of their heart, this couple used money that they had saved for their own personal use to save this 2 year old’s eyesight! How amazing is that? It gave me goosebumps as I read it.

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June 10 #sharesomethingsinspiring from YouTube!

I don’t use YouTube much and only really visit the site when I want to check out workouts. When I went to find something to share and searched “inspiring” this was one of the first videos that came up. I immediately clicked on it and I was drawn into the speech and the message that Steve Jobs was delivering. It was titled the “Most Important Life Lesson For All” and with good reason. The story of his journey founding  Apple, being fired from there just to eventually leave it as his legacy speaks to an important point; never lose faith. If you love what you do, keep going even if life knocks you down. As he said “the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work”. If you’re passionate about it, life will eventually reward you.

June 11 #sharesomethinginspiring about your favorite celebrity! Stephan Jenkins Somehow this tweet disappeared…I still don’t know where they go when that happens. Anyway, I did a shoutout to Stephan Jenkins who is the lead singer/songwriter of Third Eye Blind. Over the last 15 years of my life, his lyrics and songs have inspired me and shaped me into the person I am. He is an incredibly talented songwriter and his words wrote the poetry of my youth and stayed with me as an adult. I am not really a celebrity worshipper but I would totally fight someone for a VIP pass backstage 😉

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June 12 #sharesomethinginspiring about your number one motivator!

I really can’t pick just one person! I have met so many people since I started interacting with other fitness-minded people on social network and truly every one has inspired me and does every day!

June 13 #sharesomethinginspiring that makes you cry!

I swear I tried really hard to think of something inspiring that makes me cry. Truth is though, I really needed a laugh and I was feeling a little sassy! I am a crier though…I cry at sappy movies, happy moments and the Sarah Mclachlan SPCA commercial.

June 14 #sharesomethinginspiring about never giving up!

I think sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all of the “bad” things that happen and don’t take time to realize that it all may be part of the greater plan. One of my favorite saying is the one from above “fall down seven times, stand up eight”. Don’t stay down when life pushes you down, get up move forward. Better things may be just beyond the horizon.

I will leave you with that because I think it is a fitting way to end an inspiration themed post. Hope everyone has a great week!

What inspired you this week?

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