Simple Ways to Destress this Holiday Season

There might not be a more stressful time of the year than the holidays.  Maybe I am speaking for myself but I am nearly certain I speak on behalf of most adults.  

I am not sure when I made the transition from an excited little kid who loved the holiday magic to a miserable mom who is only merry when I’m sleeping but at some point, stress became synonymous with Christmas. 

It’s not just one thing that makes this time of year stressful but all the little things that add up…. 

The presents that you need to buy for literally EVERYONE.

The cards that you need to send out that absolutely NO ONE cares about. 

The cookies that need to be made for the bake sale. 

The endless parties that need to be attended.

The damn elf that needs to be moved every. single. morning. 

…shall I continue? This list could go on for pages but I think you get the point :) 

Honestly, just thinking about it makes me want to go hide in a closet with a bottle of wine.  Of course I can’t do that – at least not every day, so I have had to find other ways to alleviate some of the holiday stress.  

While a massage would be amazing (or really just a bottle of wine and some peace and quiet), we both know that there’s no time for that so keeping it SIMPLE is the name of the game. 

When I say simple, I really do mean simple but I have to be honest, these aren’t your every day suggestions.  They’re what works for me.  These are things that I actually do when I need to bring it down a level like ASAP. 

Simple Ways to De-Stress During the Holiday Season


Sniff some essential oils.

When I need to de-stress but don’t have time to take an aromatherapy bath, I take a whiff of some lavender which is said to help eliminate nervous tension or some citrus which is great for lifting the mood.  Clearly carrying around a bottle of oils is a little odd (and not practical) so I will dab some on a my wrist or a little cloth and keep it in my pocket.  I also sprinkle some lavender on my pillow at night to help me chill out before bed.  

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Step outside.

Where I live, we tend to get cabin fever rather quickly once the cold weather sits in.  Being stuck inside can really add to stress so when I need to take it down a notch, I’lll step outside for some fresh air and take a quick walk or if I have a few minutes even venture into the woods.  There is something about connecting with nature (saying PEACE to electronics for bit) and letting the cool air hit your face that does something for the soul.  Also being outdoors in the sunlight helps to boost serotonin which helps to relieve a little bit of stress.  

Rub a worry stone.

Did I lose you? Don’t judge so fast.  About six months ago or so when I got really sick (which lead to lots of stress), I found myself a stone that I now carry with me WHEREVER I go.  It’s a pocket stone with an thumb sized indentation – when I’m starting to feel the stress build up, I hold the stone between my finger and my thumb and rhythmically move my thumb over it to reduce tension and anxiety.   I don’t know the exact psychology behind it but it acts as a self-soothing method – sorta like a security blanket :)

Eat chocolate.

Duh, right?! Chocolate has always been there for me in times of stress but recently I was introduced to a different type of chocolate called Good Day Chocolate.  Basically, it’s fair trade chocolate mixed with all natural, non-GMO. pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals – AKA, chocolate with benefits.  

Good Day Chocolates

The chocolate candy collection come in these handy little to-go boxes, each one with different benefits.  Their products include chocolates that are enhanced with probiotics, vitamin D-3 and turmeric and others that promote sleep, energy and calmness.  

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Each box also includes a chart to guide you so you don’t have to guess how many pieces of candy to eat.  For example, if you want to feel more calm then eat two candies for a “chill pill”, four to “feel fine, six to say “hello mello” or all eight so you’re “maxin’ and relaxin'”.  

I’m not gonna lie, I have definitely been taking some “chill pill” dosages lately whilst walking in the woods (yay outdoor exercise) which has helped to bring my holiday stress down from level 11.  

Good Day Chocolates

SImple Ways to De-Stress this Holiday Season


Walking through the woods while eating chocolates might sound weird but really, it’s no different than eating a candy bar while hiding from your kids in the closet – just a lot more productive and with added benefits 😉 

Good Day Chocolates also make a great holiday gift – you can either buy them by the 12 pack or grab their Limited Edition Holiday 4-Pack which is only $12.00 and perfect for the chocolate lover in your life.

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Reply December 6, 2017

Girl, I hear you on all that stress and we don't even have babies yet!! We have 4-5 gift openings by the time it's all said and done, so I'm thankful for White Elephant and name drawings. But it's still a good bit of money. So yeah, I'd say the chocolate is necessary in that case. :)

Kim G
Reply December 6, 2017

If I see a good deal, I try to purchase gifts all throughout the year. That way I have less shopping to do in December. I also try to do a bulk of my shopping online so I can avoid the stores as much as possible!

Laura @ This Runner's Recipes
Reply December 6, 2017

Some fresh air and nature always helps me manage the stress of the holidays. Chocolate always helps as well!

Reply December 6, 2017

"At least not everyday." LOL
I love the idea of chocolate with benefits! My holidays certainly could use some de-stressing.
Debbie recently posted...5 Tips to Keep Your Running Fitness Over the Holidays. Plus Happy 21st Birthday Wave Rider!My Profile

Janelle @ Run With No Regrets
Reply December 6, 2017

Indeed, this time of year can be really stressful...I'm still in denial that I'm a bit behind in decorating and shopping! You have some great tips. And the Good Day Chocolate looks great!
Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted...December Running Goals and November RecapMy Profile

Reply December 6, 2017

How awesome are those chocolates?! I've never heard of something like that but I'd definitely have to give them a try! I love this list though because it's almost impossible to not feel a bit of overwhelm this time of year! Your tips are definitely helpful though! Thanks for sharing this, girl! :) Have a great day!!

Shelby @Fitasamamabear
Reply December 6, 2017

Getting outside for a walk always helps me!

Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona
Reply December 6, 2017

Spending time outside helps me deal with stress too. There's a beautiful park that runs along the river not far from where I live, and whenever I go for walks there I always feel better afterwards.

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply December 6, 2017

errrrmegawd! Gimme that chocolate!

Lisa @ Mile by Mile
Reply December 6, 2017

These are great tips! I love the idea of a worry stone, I've never heard of that before. And that chocolate sounds perfect!!

Carla Patterson
Reply December 9, 2017

Hmm, I have never tried this calm supplement to be honest, but it may be a great idea. I'm so stressed lately, I have to look for many solutions. Cheers!

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