Skirt Sports Virtual #10on10 Recap

This morning I participated in the Skirt Sports #10on10 Virtual Run to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of running liberated and chafe free in a skirt! These are the fun race day instructions that I received along with a cute skirt (my first time wearing one) and some fuel to power me through! 

Skirt Sports #10on10


I am honored enough to have a friend staying with us this weekend who is an elite marathoner and great running inspiration.  His name is Dr. Shawn Williams– he not only has years of experience as a distance runner and coach but is also a well respected chiropractor that specializes in performance enhancement and injury prevention. He was scheduled for a 20 miler today and since I had the Skirt Sports virtual race, he agreed to head out with me and run along for the first few miles.  

After having a big cup of coffee and discussing our running route, we headed out and although a bit chilly, it was pretty sunny and dry- perfect running weather! Shawn set the pace for me and was nice enough to run along for the first three miles or so until I got into a groove.  

Skirt Sports #10on10 Recap

Snapped a pic of these beauties around mile 5- such a perfect day for a run!

Since he is clearly much faster than I will ever be, he ran ahead so that he could make some real progress with his run.  I was running much faster than I usually do but was determined to stay at the pace he had set for me, about a 7:43 min/mile. At mile 5, it seemed doable and by mile 8 I was still running at that pace but it was starting to become a struggle. I toughed it out for the last two miles though and managed to finish strong with a time of 1:18:16! A new PR for me and much faster than my normal long runs by nearly 30 seconds.  Skirt Sports #10on10 Recap! I really couldn’t be happier with this time and only hope this means that I can accomplish my goal of running the half in Nov with a 1:45 finish time.  I don’t plan on keeping my training runs at this pace but knowing that I am capable of it at a race pace is really exciting! I am really thankful that Shawn was nice enough to start the run with me and help set the pace- I certainly wouldn’t have attempted to push past my comfort zone without his encouragement! Skirt Sports #10on10

No fun photos were taken at the finish (mostly because I was a sweaty mess and dying) but I do have this finisher logo printed on my new skirt! That sort of counts as a finish photo, right? 😉

QOTD: Did you race this weekend? Have you ever run in a skirt? 

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