Skoop Review- Get Your Super On!

Skoop Review: Get Your Super On!

I crave green everything. Seriously, I love the taste of greens, especially green juice. It makes me feel happy and healthy and quenches my thirst in a way that nothing else other than water does and the punch of nutrients it delivers is unlike anything else.  This is a problem for me for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t live anywhere near where they make/sell green juice.
  2. That ish is expensive.
  3. I don’t own a juicer nor do I have the time with two small children to juice the crap out of veggies then clean up the mess.

I add kale and spinach to my smoothies at times- which always taste awesome but I often run out before the end of the week plus the smoothies that I drink aren’t the same kind of thirst quenching satisfaction I get from straight up green juice. 

I had pretty much settled on just having my liquified greens as a treat if I came across somewhere until I read a fellow bloggers post about this plant-based superfood goodness called Skoop and was given the opportunity to try it for review so I jumped on it. 


Skoop Review

What is Skoop?

Skoop was created in an effort to “bring super nutrition to every American” and is a plant-based, Non-GMO, gluten free powdered superfood mix that you can simply scoop, shake and go! Skoop comes in three different formulas that are each designed to provide nutrition in a different way.

  1. A-Game which is a combination of 41 fruits, veggies and herbs that together make a nutrient dense superfood scoop that is a “full packet of pytonutrient goodness”.  It is rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and adaptogens all for only 50 calories and comes in two flavors; Chocofresh & Sweetgreens.
  2. B- Strong is a plant based protein powder made of brown rice & pea protein, with one serving containing 16 grams of protein along with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics.  It comes in one flavor- Vivi-Nilla.
  3. B-Lovely, the first of it’s kind, is a whole food plant-based beauty product designed to protect, support and nourish your skin from the inside out. It comes in one flavor-Renewberry.

My experience:

Skoop Review

Skoop was generous enough to send me a sample of all of their products and when I received it I hardly knew where to start.  Good thing it came with this cute little instruction manual!

There is actually a lot more information in the manual and it’s really cool- I just chose to highlight these few pages to give you an idea.  While I was anxious to taste test them all at once, I chose to start with the A GAME mix because that is what I was most interested in.  Here are my thoughts and my taste bud’s opinion on each of them:

Skoop A-Game


Skoop Review

Skoop suggests mixing the A-Game with either water, almond milk (or any milk), oatmeal or any creative way you can imagine.  Since I wanted to get an idea of the true flavor, I chose to just shake it up with some cold water and was pleasantly surprised at how much actually enjoyed it! The reason I enjoyed it is because it tastes like a glass of green juice with a hint of sweetness.  While this may be an acquired taste for some, I think it “tastes pretty good” as Skoop would put it.


Skoop Review

I first tried mixing the Chocofresh with just water to see how it compared to the Sweetgreens and couldn’t taste too much of a difference so I decided to add it to almond milk the next time I tried it and could definitely taste the chocolate flavor.  I think the Chocofresh would taste wonderful in oatmeal, blended in smoothies or even give a yummy superfood boost to some baked goods. 

Whatever your palate craves, A-Game would be a great way to jump start your day since it helps to boost immunity, fight stress and has a refreshing green taste that packs 10 servings of fruits and veggies into one little “skoop”!

Skoop B- Strong

Skoop Review B Strong

I tried B-Strong right after a workout shaken with almond milk like I would if it were any other protein powder I use.  While I am more of a chocolate lover when it comes to protein powders, I did enjoy the Viva-Nilla flavor.  However, there was no doubt that this was a plant based protein powder. 

Since I have always used plant based protein powders, the slightly grainy texture did not bother me and wasn’t chalky in comparison to other plant protein powders I’ve tried.  What I love about B-Strong is that it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals  along with a complete profile of amino acids, and is low in sodium compared to other plant protein powders.  I think it would taste great blended into a smoothie with some almond milk and almond butter!

Skoop B-Lovely

Skoop Review

I tried the B-Lovely last simply because I wasn’t sure what to expect since it is so unique.  B-Lovely contains Japanese Fleece Flower, a source of resveratrol, which helps to combat oxidative stress and ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) which aids in the restoration of collagen.  Their philosophy behind these ingredients is that what goes in your body is more important than what goes in it when helping to keep skin hydrated and healthy. 

Skoop suggests enjoying B-Lovely in ice cold water with a squeeze of lemon.  Since I didn’t have any fresh lemon to squeeze in, I gave the powder a little shakey-shake with some cold water and poured into a tall glass to sip.  I honestly have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  I literally felt like I was drinking a beauty elixir and there was subtle note of sweetness even though B-Lovely only contains 1 gram of sugar.

Overall thoughts:  

  • Out of all the formulas and each of the flavors I enjoyed the A-Game Sweetgreens and the B-Lovely the most.  That is not to say that I didn’t like the B-Strong, just that I really enjoyed the other two simply because they are something different and unique. 
  • I like that the A -Game & B-Lovely don’t contain protein and deliver a punch of superfood deliciousness in one little “skoop”.  They are something I would feel good about giving to my children to boost their nutrition, especially for my picky eater.
  • They are perfect to enjoy alone or add to a smoothie to make it even more super without having to use protein powder like I normally do.


Purchase Skoop

I like them so much that I chose to become part of Team Skoop! The A-Game is exactly what I have been looking for and is a product that I believe in and want to represent.  If you’re interested in buying Skoop to try at a discounted rate you can do so through my link here or just browse the site for more info!

Here are also some more ways you can connect with Skoop:

Twitter: @healthyskoop
Instagram: @healthyskoop

QOTD: What is your favorite superfood?

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Reply August 5, 2014

I am working my way thru the Skoop sample pack and loving it as well! Fave superfood would have to be blueberries.

    Reply August 5, 2014

    I enjoyed trying it all out too, so tasty! :) I LOVE blueberries, they are my favorite fruit by far!

Reply August 5, 2014

Hmmm may have to try it out! Never heard of it before but it sounds good! I'm more of a fan of drinking my veggies anyway.

    Reply August 5, 2014

    Try it! I think you'd like it! I love my veggies anyway they come but Skoop is a really easy way to get your greens and can be added to a smoothie without too many extra calories, which I love :)

Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner
Reply August 5, 2014

I haven't tried these yet bc I was really unhappy with the Vega drinks. I found them really grainy. How do you think they compare?
Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted...7 Tips to stay safer while on the runMy Profile

    Reply August 5, 2014

    Hmm that is a good question. I happen to enjoy the Vega Energizer and I do use Vega protein powder but only when I am able to blend it- I find that it does not shake well. In comparison- the Skoop B-Strong (protein powder) blended well with just a shaker and I wasn't left with any chunks. I think it is a bit grainy but so is most of the other plant protein powders that I have tried. I haven't used whey protein in years so I don't have a great comparison there. Does that all make sense? Haha.

Reply August 6, 2014

What an AWESOME and comprehensive review! Seriously! And I laughed so hard at:
That ish is expensive.
I don’t own a juicer nor do I have the time with two small children to juice the crap out of veggies then clean up the mess.

In the words of Sweet Brown "Ain't nobody got time for that"
But seriously :)
ANYWAY - my favorite superfood, I HAVE A FEW, and I eat them EVERY DAY
Kale, Quinoa, & Chia Seeds :)
eatsandexercisebyamber recently posted...Italian Herbed ChickenMy Profile

    Reply August 6, 2014

    Haha, glad you laughed- I often wonder if anyone gets my humor! :P LOVE Sweet Brown- I quote her all the time!

    LOVE kale, quinoa & chia seeds! They are staples in my house too!

Reply August 6, 2014

I'm starting to hear about Skoop more and more lately and I'm really interested. During the week especially my nutrition slacks (ugh work), but this would be perfect for me to have in the middle of the day just to get it all in!

Congrats on joining the team too! I'm going to browse around on there today. :)
Salt recently posted...Yes you yoga. But WHY?My Profile

    Reply August 6, 2014

    Thank you! :) I actually just got done enjoying the Sweetgreens mixed with some cold water! I really like it- tastes clean and healthy and not loaded with calories or crap. Usually I would eat an entire bag of steamed veggies or throw kale in my smoothies. While I do use plant based protein powders- this is totally different and has a healthy "green taste" to it!

Reply August 6, 2014

Skoop? Im just hearing about this. I will have to look for it. I use Amazegrass Green Superfood and I love it. Have you ever tried it? Im wondering how they compare, they sound similar. I will be on the look out!
Autumn recently posted...Agent 99 Talks StyleMy Profile

    Reply August 6, 2014

    I have never tried Amazegrass but I just looked up the ingredients and they do seem fairly similar. Now I am curious as to how they compare as well. I really like Skoop though- I don't even bother to add to smoothies- just shaken with some cold water :)

      Reply August 6, 2014

      My bad, Opps I spelled it wrong...Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Hope you find the correct one. My Fav flavor is the Cacao chocolate. It smells chocolatey amazing, the color is earthy green. Powder has No gritty texture mixs up good in water. They reccomend Dissolves best when mixed with 1 oz of water prior to adding milk. I get mine at wholefoods, if you have one near you :)
      Autumn recently posted...Agent 99 Talks StyleMy Profile

        Reply August 7, 2014

        I did find it when I googled :) I am thinking of stopping by our local health foods store (we don't have a Whole Foods) and seeing if they carry a sample packet. I'd be interested to see the difference and be able to answer if someone asks! Thanks for the suggestion!

Reply August 10, 2014

I could of added this to my Green Protein Pancakes this morn!
Redd recently posted...Creamy Curry Broccoli Spinach SoupMy Profile

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