Small Ways to Increase Your Health & Happiness This Year

The start of a new year always typically begins with everyone sharing their ambitious resolutions.  They are typically center around losing weight, being healthier or happier or more organized but these lofty goals are often abandoned within a week or two.  

Goals like this are usually hard to meet and not attainable not to mention that focusing on a task too big can cause a lot of added frustration.  Instead of stressing out over attempting a total change, you can focus on improving your overall well being in more modest ways that will not only leave you healthier but happier too!

Small ways to increase your health and happiness this year! #BabbleBoxxNewYear #ad


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Cook at home more frequently.

Sure, it takes a little more effort than just grabbing a bite out to eat but it’ll help to cut excess calories.  Plus it’s a heck of a lot cheaper meaning you can save your moola for something more fun.  

Food, Health and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey

If you’re new to cooking and looking for healthy recipes, a cookbook is a great place to start.  In fact, Oprah just released a personal cookbook containing 115 recipes called Food, Health and Happiness where she shares great meals for a healthier, happier life.  

Snack smarter. 

Made In Nature Tart Cherry Fit Figgy Pops

Instead of grabbing for something loaded with sugar and other artificial ingredients, opt for a snack that has no refined sugar and if possible, Certified Organic like these Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops from Made in Nature.  These energy balls are a smart, healthy snack that’s made up of tart cherries, figs, dates, cashews, walnuts with a coconut coating.  

You can save $10 off order of $39+ on their site from 1/1-2/28! :)

Drink more water. 

Another small step you can take is drinking more water.  Drinking more water doesn’t have to mean slamming eight glasses a day.  Instead, try to swap out sugary, unhealthy beverages for some water.  Not a water bottle fan due to all the litter and toxins?

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JUST Water has got you covered.  Not only is it 100% spring water sourced from Glens Falls in Upstate, NY (near me!), the water bottle is made of 83% renewable resources meaning you don’t have to feel bad about it! You can find it available nationally for $0.99 for a 16.9 ounce bottle. 

Decrease stress.


It’s easier said that done but attempting to decrease some of the stress in you life can make all the difference.  Instead of buzzing around, try to take some time to breathe each day and mindfully slow down.  

Tea Forté

Take a break, a deep breath and if you really want to de-stress, brew a cup of hot tea or like one of SIPSCRIPTIONS from Tea Forté.  This collection of tea is specifically curated to support daily health and well-being and is available in pyramid infusers, loose tea containers and Single Steeps- perfectly measured single serve loose tea pouches. 

In fact, there’s a SIPSCRIPTION to help you relax or even if you need more energy.  Here is a full list of what this collection includes: RESIST Tea for Wellness, REGROUP Tea for Detox, REBOOT Tea for Energy, RESULTS Tea for Fitness and RETREAT Tea for Relaxation.  

Save 10% off any Tea Forté SIPSCRIPTIONS item with code WELLNESS valid through 1/31/17.

Get outside more often.

Vow to use your lunch breaks to take a walk or go explore your local trails and take up hiking.  You could even make it your goal to finish your first race and start a couch to 5k program.  

However you decide to spend more time outdoors, a sock with the right fit is a must! 

FITS sock

In fact, FITS sock was created to fight the ill-fitting sock epidemic.  Whether you want a low-cut running sock or a Hiker Sock, you can find the cushion and style to suit your needs and shop their top rated running socks on their website.

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Right now you can also enter to win a $200 FITS Gift Card Giveaway by simply entering your email on their contest page.  A winner will be chosen on 1/25/17.

Open your mind.

Instead of staying inside your comfort zone, open your mind to new possibilities and experiences.  Open your mind to the idea that everyone truly is equal and do your part to #distruptdiscrimination in 2017.  

EQUAL is a brand that is striving to do just that.  They’re mission is to show that while we are all different, we are also all equal and deserve equal acceptance, respect and rights.  You can show your support for equality and valuing diversity by purchasing their merch and sharing it on social media

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