A Special Limited Edition Jump Rope Workout ( + Special Giveaway)

The jump rope offers so many different ways to mix up your exercise and today’s special limited edition jump rope workout is a perfect example of that.
Ready to get your butt kicked?

The Limited Edition Set Giveaway!

I’ve featured Crossrope in previous blog posts, including this awesome 10 minute beginner workout and a jump rope workout that will kick your booty
But every once in a while, they bring out a special Limited Edition Set with new ropes of different weights and freshly designed handles.

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You can learn more about the Limited Edition Set here.
This week they’ve re-launched their Limited Edition Set and they’ve been kind enough to offer members of The Fit Foodie Mama community a free set.  
So for the next 5 days, I’ll be running a giveaway on my Instagram channel and on Friday I’ll be announcing one winner.
Here’s how it’s going to work:
Head on over to my Instagram page (@fitfoodiemama) and find this photo. 
Crossrope Limited Edition Set Giveaway
From there, follow the instructions in the caption. If you’ve already found you’re way here from Instagram, be sure to comment below along with your Instagram handle and tell me how you plan on incorporating jump rope workouts into your training routine! 

Try This Special Limited Edition Jump Rope Workout

To show you exactly how you can use this new jump rope set, Crossrope has put
together a special “limited edition” jump rope workout that you can try with these new ropes.
What you’re going to need:
  • Ltd Edition jump rope set
  • A stopwatch
  • A little bit of space
Here’s how it’s going to work:
Start your stopwatch and see how long it takes you to complete 5 rounds of the
following sequence:
  • 50 jumps with the ¾ Lb Rush Rope
  • 50 jumps with the 1 ½ Lb Flex Rope
  • 50 jumps with the 3 Lb (!) Titan X Rope
That’s a total of 750 jumps!
Your goal is to get through them all in as short a time as possible. You can rest as much as you need to, but the timer keeps going even as you rest. When you complete all five rounds, mark down your time.
You’ll see the difficulty of the jumps changing not only as you go from round to round but also as you transition from light rope to heavy rope. Working with that 3 Lb rope is no joke.
Try the workout out and share your score in the comments!


And don’t forget to visit Instagram to sign up for the giveaway! 😀 

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