Stay Balanced with Phenoh 7.4

Through my relationship with FitApproach as a SweatPink Ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to try out a new sports drink that is unlike any other on the market!

Phenoh, pronounced “fee-no” is the world’s first alkaline sports drink and made with 7 natural, non-acidic ingredients and a ph of 7.4- hence it’s name! 

Phenoh 7.4 Review

Phenoh 7.4 was actually created by lifelong athlete, Alex Schmotter, who recognized that most sports drinks were full of sugar and way too acidic so he created a better and healthier way to keep hydrated while performing.  

Upon researching traditional sports drinks during dental school, he discovered some detrimental effects that they had on not only the teeth but also the body.  In fact, if you take a look at this chart that is provided on the Phenoh website, you can see how it compares to both the pH levels in the human body as well as other sports drinks and coffee. 

Phenoh 7.4 Review


Pretty interesting, I think.  I honestly had NO idea that sports drinks were that much more acidic than coffee! Phenoh is also really close to the same pH level as blood which will keep you balanced and help to boost your performance and endurance without any harmful effects! 

As I mentioned before, Phenoh is Paleo friendly and made with only 7 natural ingredients including organic aloe vera which provides anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as nutrients that help to improve recovery during and after exercise.

Other features of Phenoh include:

  • Sweetened with only organic agave sugar. 
  • High in potassium.
  • Has no added sodium.
  • Fortified with magnesium and Vitamin C.
  • Only 30 calories per 8oz serving. 
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 Over the course of the last few weeks I have gotten to try out Phenoh and compare it to other sports drinks that I have tried….which honestly haven’t been too many as I also am not a fan of chemicals and added sugars 😉 

Phenoh 7.4 Review

Since obviously I have never tried an alkaline sports drink before (this is the world’s first), I had very little idea of what to expect.  After trying it out during both endurance workouts and the super intense ShiftFit Strong training program I am currently in the process of, I was able to see what it was all about.  

Here are my thoughts: 


  • Love that it is non-acidic.  As someone who suffers from chronic heartburn, it was nice to be able to drink something other than water without my stomach going into revolt. 
  • Only made with 7 ingredients which is awesome.  Most sports drinks have more than I care to count.
  • Low glycemic index. The agave nectar has a GI of 17 compared to table sugar which has a GI of 65.
  • Contains 675 grams of potassium per pack and is high in Vitamin C.
  • Quenches my thirst when I am feeling parched. 
  • Comes in a Tetra Pak carton which is more environmentally friendly


  • Despite the fact that it is made with natural sugars (which I know are needed for replenishment), and has only 8 grams of sugar per serving, it still tastes a bit too sweet for my liking.  To remedy this, I just watered it down a little and was able to enjoy it just fine! Again, this is just my palate’s opinion, others who have reviewed it described it as “not overly sweet“. 
  • The aloe vera flavor is a bit of an acquired taste.  While I don’t actually mind it, it takes a little getting used to.  I had my super honest 4 year old taste test it and after much contemplation, she came to the conclusion that it tasted like “berries”.  I myself taste a hint of green grape flavor, so I guess the jury is still out. 😉  
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Again, both of those “cons” are more just based on my taste preferences.  If I had to compare it to anything it would be like that infused aloe/cucumber water you get at a spa.  It is actually quite refreshing when you’re parched especially during an intense workout or after a long run.  

What I like most about Phenoh 7.4 is that it was created to be in harmony with the body and help maintain it’s natural pH level.  It also free of any harmful or additives-  which should be avoided when training since they tax your system unnecessarily.

Phenoh 7.4 sells for $28.00 a case which you can purchase on their website.  You can also connect with Phenoh on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How do you stay hydrated? 

Did you know that sports drinks are more acidic than coffee? 

This post is sponsored by Fit Approach on behalf of Phenoh 7.4.

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