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I haven’t really posted a running update in a while and since I went trail running yesterday and took some pretty pictures I thought it would be an appropriate time to share.  Not only am I training for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and the Rivertown Strollerderby, I am also training for my first Ragnar Relay in September.  We were just recently assigned our legs for the relay and I am lucky number 5 out of 12 team members,  which means I will be running a total of 16.9 miles over the course of 2 days through the Adirondacks.  While training on the trail isn’t necessary for the Ragnar I am doing, I like to change it up and challenge myself so I can be prepared for anything.  Plus, trail running offers something that road running doesn’t.  

I actually recently purchased shoes just to make sure I was properly equipped to run the trails since my road shoes are no match for all the branches, brush and mud the paths around me are paved with.  After a bit of browsing I ended up choosing the Topo Athletic Oterro since I love their W-RR shoes so much! 


 I have used them a few times but yesterday I decided to really break them in.  The entire holiday weekend was pretty nice as far as weather went but Sunday was by far the nicest so in lieu of my normal bootcamp workout I took it to the trails.  


At first I attempted to explore the woods around my house but as I began running, I discovered most of the old pathways that used to exist were all overgrown so I drove to a local spot where I normally take my walking group and decided to find some “new to me” trails.  In order to really take in the entire experience I completely unplugged and just took myself on an adventure through wherever the path would lead me. It was so beautiful and peaceful that I just had to share.  

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Gorgeous, right? I have been here many times but it has usually been with my walking group and we have never explored these specific trails before.  Running with a group is fun and great for motivation and socializing but being alone and unplugging really lets you take it all in.  Hearing the wooden bridges creak as I ran over them, listening to the birds chirp and seeing little chipmunks scoot across the path made me feel relaxed and one with nature.  I love road running and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I am done but trail running brings a sense of peace and meditation.  Every once in a while,  it is nice to unplug and just feel free.

Now that the weather is cooperating and I have gotten to a place where I am confident with my half marathon training, I am going to make it a point of exploring these trails each weekend. I need to get into a training groove for the Ragnar anyway and this is the perfect place to prepare for it and really challenge myself.

As a side note: I love the Topo Athletic Oterro shoes…they fit comfortably and provided the perfect amount of traction to manage my way through the dirt and mud! I am excited to put many more trail miles on them :)

Oh and in other fun news, Mindy from Road Runner Girl featured me in her Runner’s Spotlight on her blog yesterday! If you want to learn more about my running story you can check it out here.

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Do you have any local trails you like to explore? 

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