Thankful Thursday: Running is a Gift

Thankful to run I had originally intended on making this post part of the “Wordless Wednesday” theme that is popular among my fellow bloggers but I felt that these photos deserved a bit of explanation instead of just dumping them into a post. 

Every day I get to run, I am thankful.  Running is my therapy.  Running is my reprieve.  Running makes me take the time to stop and notice my surroundings instead of just passing them by.  Every sunrise I get to see reminds me of the renewal of each day and all the possibilities and beauty that it holds.

With that in mind, I want to share with you my collection of sunrise pictures that I have been lucky enough to take and witness over the last few months. 

These pictures mean so much more to me than just a snap of the rising sun on the run.  Not only are they the dawning of a new day in the literal sense but each time I step foot out the door and get to witness this ball of fire illuminate the roads I run, I am reminded that running is a gift.  Tomorrow is never promised and I am grateful for each day that I can run because I know there will come a day when I can’t.

QOTD: Do you prefer to run in the morning or at night?

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