Time to #MoveItMonday!

Ah, Monday.  The dreaded day of the week that everybody loves to hate.  It gets a bad rap because its the first day of a new work week and oh so far from Friday.  Tuesdays are kind of Monday’s evil cousin, Wednesdays are the playful “hump day”, Thursday everyone gets thirsty and Fridays are fun and freaky 😉 Clearly Saturday and Sunday are muy bueno.  No one really likes Mondays though because it marks the beginning of a week long battle. 


Instead of hating on Monday, an international campaign called Move It Monday has made a point to redefine it and give this mundane day some purpose.  Their goal is to encourage everyone of any fitness level to commit to moving every Monday.  

Move It Monday

 How much better would the week be if we all started it off on the right foot?  Yes, that pun was intended.  Whats awesome about the Move It Monday campaign is that they not only provide inspiration and motivation but their site is full of tips, fitness routines, and tool kits to help individuals, business and communities alike to spread the message to MOVE.  

Move It Monday

Whats even better is they make it simple to be involved.  Becoming active doesn’t have to be complicated, Move It Monday’s message is all about starting where you are and working with what you have and it’s easy as putting on your shoes and walking out the door (which honestly is always the hardest part, am I right?).  Move it Monday actually has a specific campaign for this called Monday Mile– and is exactly what it sounds like. 

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Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.49.37 PM

Each Monday, you pledge to walk or run a mile either as an individual or better yet as a team or group.  If you want to get a group of coworkers together during lunch or meet up with friends after work and walk a mile, Move It Monday makes it really easy to organize your own walking group by providing a tool kit on their page with step by step instructions and media links to motivate others to move and spread the word.  They even suggest walking and running apps that you can use to track your miles!  

Wanna make it even more fun? Share your Monday Miles and exercises using the hashtag #MoveItMonday on Instagram (@MoveItMonday) and Twitter (@MoveItMonday).  There is even something called a “walkie”, a lot like a selfie but taken while you are on the move! 

Move It Monday Walkies


Here is an example of one I took a few weeks ago and shared on twitter:

Move It Monday #walkie #MoveItMonday

As a Move It Monday Ambassador, I pledge to never miss a Monday of exercise and I share it on my social media accounts in an effort to inspire others and spread the message that Monday no longer needs to be monotonous.  It should be about kicking the week off by being active and setting the tone for the days that follow.  Today I plan to move it by waking up with the sun and watching it rise as I chase the pavement. I can’t think of a better way to #MoveItMonday. 

How do you plan on being active today? Also, how many times do you think I said “Monday” in this post?  I lost count. 

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