Tips For Keeping Valuables Safe At The Gym


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Admittedly, I don’t belong to a gym.  I workout from home most days and while I am in the process of building my own fitness studio, it isn’t open quite yet.  So you might wonder why today’s post is focused on keeping your valuables safe at the gym- who I am, a non gym goer giving regular gym frequenters tips on how to keep their prize possessions from being snatched? 

I am someone who not long ago was quite clueless on the whole “what to do with your crap at the gym” thing and since I refused to find myself in that situation again, I decided to do some research and share the tips and tricks I’ve learned! 

Tips for keeping your valuables safe at the gym

This post is sponsored by jimmyCASE but as always, all opinions are my own.

Before I get into the tips- here is a little back story.   Recently, I went to NYC for a trip and while I was there decided to hit the gym with a friend.  Since I was traveling and was going straight from one destination to the next after the gym, I had ALL my stuff with me.  An entire duffle bag, my purse, a wallet with my ID and of course my phone.  

The problem arose when I made my way to the locker room to get changed and realized I had NO lock.  Who goes to the gym with all their stuff in NYC without a lock? Me.  A person who doesn’t belong to a gym and didn’t even give a second thought on how to protect my belongings before I got there.  

As someone who prides herself on being smart and capable, I suddenly felt naive and ignorant.  I discreetly hid my belongings in an empty locker and crossed my fingers that no one would discover it’s vulnerability.  Thankfully, my one time mistake didn’t result in any misfortune but I’ll attribute that to just being lucky. Very lucky. 

So what measures can you take to protect your possessions at the gym? Here are a few easy tips on how to secure your stuff from sticky finger thieves! 

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1. Invest in a quality lock. 

The obvious thing to do is to lock up your belongings but make sure you’re using a quality lock rather than something cheap that can be easily broken.  Instead of using a lock that has a single notch which can easily be jimmied and broken into, find a lock that is made using double notches like this one, here

2. Pick a locker in a central location.

When choosing a locker, make sure you pick one that is located where it can be easily seen such as at the end of a row instead of ones tucked away in the corner.  Thieves are less likely to steal from a locker when other people can see it or are around that area.  

3. Take just the bare minimum. 

Just because you spent an extra $10 on a quality gym locker, don’t expect it to guard all your valuables.  If possible, only bring the essentials and leave all the expensive stuff like jewelry and electronics at home.  

4. Take them with you.

If you’re bringing only the bare minimum and leaving all the other stuff at home then you can skip the locker all together.   Instead, just take them with you around the gym.  Most of us already bring our phones for music and obviously gym selfies but you’re probably thinking that the addition of a wallet would be pretty cumbersome.  

You would be right except that such a thing as phone wallets exist allowing you to ditch the bulky bifold and bring only what your really need.  One such phone wallet is called the jimmyCASE and it’s everything you didn’t know you needed. 

jimmyCases pic

I say this because the jimmyCASE provides a solution to a problem that most gym goers and especially runners have-  how to secure your cash and credit cards when carrying your wallet is not an option.

Unlike the chunky version of wallet cases you’ve seen, these iPhone wallet cases are constructed with elastic bands which allow the flexibility to hold up to six cards or even car keys without stretching out.  The core of the case is made of real wood which is durable enough to protect the phone but light enough so that it doesn’t feel too cumbersome.  It is also wrapped in a silicone bumper to which helps to absorb the shock if the phone is dropped or knocked around. 

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jimmy CASE 2 jimmy CASE 3

The other nice thing about the jimmyCASE is that the elastic band is offered in a variety of colors and can be customized with either a black or white bumper and light or dark wood type depending on your preference.  

jimmyCASE iphone wallet review

Personally, I love the simplicity of this case and how functional it is.  There have been a number of times (like at a race) where I have run with my ID or credit cards and had to tuck them in my running belt hoping that they wouldn’t fall out.  The jimmyCASE solves that problem and allows me to store my ID and cards securely with my phone without fear of losing them.  

The same idea goes for the gym.  Now you can just bring in your ID and money tucked in this fashionable and functional phone wallet case without worrying about having to lock your wallet up or leave your valuables unattended.  Totally off topic but I can also see this coming in handy when you’re in line at airport security and need to have your ID readily handy.   I always get so frustrated having to rummage through my bag or wallet to find my ID.  This case makes finding the necessary identifications or tickets just that much easier. 

The jimmyCASE is also reasonably priced- depending on the model you pick, they sell for anywhere between $39 and $59 dollars which in my opinion is totally worth it for the quality and convenience that it offers! 

With just these few tips keeping your valuables safe isn’t all that hard.  Just be sure to invest in a lock to keep your items secure, be smart about the locker you pick and when possible, stick to the bare minimum and just bring the essentials along.

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