Treadmill & Ultimate Sandbag Circuit Workout

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A few months ago I shared a track and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag circuit workout- combining the two thing that I love the mosts- running and strength training with my sandbag.  

Obviously, now that it is winter here and we are buried in 3+ feet of snow, the track is no longer an option.  So for those of you who are also oppressed by the cold and snow, I put together a treadmill and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag strength workout to try on the days when you’re stuck inside.  

Unilateral DVRT @UltimateSandbag & Treadmill Running and Strength Training Workout for Runners. Find workout details on

The beauty of the track and sandbag workout as that you could grab your Ultimate Sandbag, take it to the track and get in a good sweat.  

These are actually my favorite kind of workouts; ones that combine both running and strength training.  It makes me feel like I am training for something fierce and can take on whatever the day might bring me.  You know, the kind of feeling you get when you hear “Eye of the Tiger”.   Makes you really work up a sweat and feel strong at the same time. 

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I think the Ultimate Sandbag specifically makes this workout just that much more badass.  Not only does it look cooler than say, a dumbbell, but it is a lot a lot more functional and versatile too. 

Unilateral DVRT @UltimateSandbag & Treadmill Running and Strength Training Workout for Runners. Find workout details on

The workout combines endurance intervals and DVRT drills in a circuit format.  

First you run 1 mile at your 5k pace or faster, take a 3-5 minute rest then perform the DVRT drills with the Ultimate Sandbag.  

All in all, you’ll run a total of four miles and perform each exercise twice.  

(Don’t mind the quality of the video :) )

Both the Staggered Row-Clean-Squat and the Lateral Lunge to Overhead Press focus on unilateral movements which work on strengthening imbalances that may exist and help improve running related performance and core strength. 

Speaking of core strength, both the Lateral Bag Drag and the Tall Kneeling Press Out help to improve functional core strength as well. 

Specifically, the Lateral Bag Drag is performed as a slow, controlled movement.  The goal is to drag the bag across the floor without rotating your hips which really engages and works your core.  

The Tall Kneeling Press Out works your core but in a different way.  It integrates your lower body, core and upper body and is a great way to strengthen your push power!

So if you want to strengthen your imbalances, improve your running performance, build core strength of steel, work on your push-power and get some speed work done then giving this workout a try is a must! 😉 

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If you’re interested in learning more about how you can take your training to the next level with Dynamic Variable Resistance Training consider attending my one day DVRT Workshop in Syracuse, NY on March 19th! 

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