Turkey Burner Blast Treadmill + Bodyweight Workout

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Happy almost Thanksgiving! Instead of the usual fashion posts I have been doing when I link up with Nicole, I thought a fitness post with a super sweaty workout would be a “fun” way to kick off Turkey Day :) 

Every year for the last several years I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house.  While it is something that I enjoy and love to entertain, it leaves a little less time to get a workout in and signing up for any Turkey Trots in the area is certainly out of the question.

That being said, I still like to start my day with a workout…not only does it give me a little wiggle room so I can have an extra scoop of mashed taters but it also helps me to de-stress until it’s socially acceptable to pour myself a glass of wine 😉Thanksgiving Turkey Burner Blast Workout + Uber Fit Apparel Giveaway!

One of my favorite ways to burn some pre-turkey calories is to mix in some running with bodyweight exercises. To forewarn you, this workout is NOT easy.  I actually reduced the number of reps in each exercise that I normally do when I perform this workout so you all didn’t think I was crazy.  Obviously, modify the number of reps as needed :) Turkey Burner Blast: Treadmill + Bodyweight Workout with Lebert Equalizer Discount Code and Uber Fit Apparel Giveaway**I am not a certified trainer or instructor.  Please consult with your physician before beginning a new workout program**

In case you aren’t familiar, here are video explanations of the bodyweight exercises: push ups, Russian twist, plyo lunges, tricep dips, high knees, hanging leg raises, squat thrusts, mountain climbers, jump squats.


What you’ll need: Turkey Burner Blast Workout

  1. Treadmill: To run you’ll need a treadmill unless you have access to a local park with monkey bars where you can perform the hanging leg raises. It will just make it easier to go from running to the bodyweight exercises and back.  
  2. Water: You’ll need to stay hydrated so having water on hand, especially in this cute Citrus Zinger bottle is essential.  It is meant to infuse your water with citrus fruits…let’s just pretend I have one in my bottle (I ran out) 😉 I have also been using this water bottle to keep hydrated as part of the Holiday Sweat Challenge!
  3. Pull-up bar with arm straps OR Lebert Equalizers for hanging leg raises.  I also use the Equalizers for the tricep dips but you can also do them off the side of a chair or the treadmill! 
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Going sort of off topic for a second. I love my Lebert Equalizers because they are great at building upper body strength and are really versatile.  Renee from Bendiful Blog just posted an Equalizer workout yesterday if you want to see more of what you can do with them.  

If you already know and love them and are looking to “treat yo self” for the Holidays here is my $20.00 off code you can use: ALLF20 

Oh and one more thing you’ll need? A super awesome workout tank that will make you feel like a bada** while you power through this bad boy.  Turkey Burner Workout and Uber Fit Giveaway!

Uber Fit Apparel was nice enough to send me this tank recently and it really is the perfect for workouts like this especially when I’m feeling big and buff after 😉 It’s tagless (no itchiness), fit but loose enough that it’s not restricting plus it’s super soft and breathable.  I really love the logo too because it conveys a sense of strength!

Turkey Burner Blast Workout and Uber fit Giveaway They were also nice enough to offer a giveaway a tank to one of my readers as well! To enter the giveaway simply use the rafflecopter below and no worries if you don’t win, you can also use my unique discount code FitFoodie20 for 20% off your purchase until 12/25! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fitful Focus
Thanks again to Nicole from Fitful Focus for hosting the Fit’n’Fashionable Friday link up! Head over to her blog to grab the badge and if you have any fitness or fashion related posts make sure to link up with her this Friday 😀 
QOTD: What are your pre-Thanksgiving day traditions? Who is participating in a Turkey Trot? 

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