Vino & the Beasts Obstacle 5k Race Recap


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Vino and the Beasts 5k Vineyard Obstacle Race Recap {race recap, race review, #runchat, obstacle race, wine race} via @fitfoodiemama

This past Saturday I participated in the Vino and the Beasts 5K Vineyard Run with Obstacles.  Every single year around this time in August, it is held at the 3 Brothers Winery in Geneva, NY. 

This was my third year in a row participating and while I normally run Vino & the Beasts with my sister, this year since she wasn’t available, I ran it as part of Team Runners for Riesling! 

Vino and the Beasts 5k Vineyard Race Recap

What I really enjoy about this race is that it is for fun and in no way, shape or form for time.  You can be competitive as you like, but honestly, it’s really about getting together with your friends and celebrating your love of wine and running! Or as one of my friends put it, wine + running = winning.  I couldn’t agree more 😉 

wine + running = winning. 

So with that in mind, my Runners for Riesling teammates and I signed up with the intention of just having some fun! Since this was my 3rd time participating, I figured I knew what to expect but this year they not only changed the obstacles but also the course! 


The course starts right at the beginning of the Three Brothers Vineyard and weaves its way down to the road where you encounter your first obstacle or two.  In the past this would continue down the road to the right where you’d get to your next obstacle then cross the road to another obstacle, make your way up the road more and down through the vineyard on the other side of the road then back toward the winery. 

Vino & the Beasts 5k Vineyard Obstacle Race Recap

This year, the course did not follow that same path. Instead, when you cross the road, you continue on through some obstacles and through a trail.  Which while it provided some relief from the scorching sun, made it just a little more challenging. 

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BONUS: They offer a shot of wine at one of the water stations.  Last year, there were several more water station/wine stops.  This year was lacking a bit. 

Since I didn’t have my phone on me, I can’t recall every obstacle by name, but here is what the course consisted of this year in the order that I remember them 😉 


  • Plank Obstacle: Basically just an elevated plank that you have to walk up one side and down another. 
  • Bottleneck Tunnels: Large plastic barrels with a tarp covering that you have to make your way through from one end to the other. 
  • Web of Winos: A large cargo net that you have to climb up and then down to the other side. 
  • Net Trap: That is not what it’s actually called, I don’t think but it’s just a large black net that you have to hold up overhead and make your way under from one end to another. 
  • Big Bales: A row of several stacked hay bales are placed in the Zugibe Vineyards that you have to hurdle over. 
  • The Mash Pit: Basically a mud pit with low laying wires that you have to crawl under and believe it or not, quite the relief after running for 2 miles on a HOT day! 
  • Beast Bath: Rinse off the mud in a 15 ft deep pond and make your way from one end to the other.  The only way to get out is by using ropes at the end to pull your way out of the pond! 
  • Wooden Wall: Have NO idea what this is called but basically a wooden ladder wall that you have to climb up and then down the other side. 
  • Mt. Vino: Literally an angled wall you have to climb up using a rope then make your way down using ladder steps on the other side.  BEWARE: If you’re short (like me) these steps are extremely far apart…watch your footing! :)
  • Got Sack?: A potato sack hop from point A to B…probably like 20 feet total. 
  • Vault to Vino: 4 walls that you have to either vault your way over using your bodyweight or crawl under.  This is the last obstacle of the race.  After this, turn the corner and you’re on your way to wine! 
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A LOT of people wear costumes or some sort of team shirts. Since they do have a costume award at the end, it is encouraged but I am not one to run in costumes and much prefer a team tank/shirt of sorts.

Vino and the Beasts Race Recap

Regardless if you wear a costume or not, you WILL want to make sure you wear a crappier pair of shoes/trail shoes/mud run shoes and bring a towel and some wipes to clean off with after as well as a change of clothes.

You will look a lot like this after 😉 

Vino and the Beasts 5k Race Recap


Does wine tasting count as swag?! Sure it does! Once you’re done you get to grab your wine glass and tasting “passport” that gives you entrance to the three wineries on site:Stoney Lonesome Estates, Passion Feet Vineyard and Wine Barn, Bagg Dare Wine Co plus one brewery called War Horse Brewing Company.

Vino and the Beasts 5k Vineyard Race Recap


Depending on your preference, you’ll probably find some wines that you enjoy at each but most are on the sweeter side. 

Regardless, they do have some pretty humorous and entertaining names! 

Vino and the Beasts Race Recap

Seriously, I don’t care much for sweet wine but I had to try some of them simply because of the name. 

As far as race swag goes, you get a finishers medal (this year was nicer quality than the last few), a dry fit t-shirt and a pretty sweet wine glass! 😉 

Vino and the Beasts Finisher Swag

Well worth getting sweaty, wet and muddy if you ask me! 

Next up on the race calendar, I have the 18.12 Challenge that takes places in Sackets Harbor, NY on the 30th followed by the Dunkin Run ARC Half Marathon on the 12th of September.  Both with be used as training runs for the upcoming Wineglass Marathon on the 4th of October.  Seems so far away but it is approaching so quickly! 

Have you done any races for fun vs. time recently? 

What races do you have coming up? 

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