Vino & The Beasts 5k Obstacle Run Recap

Vino & the Beasts 5k

Yesterday I ran the Vino & The Beasts 5k Vineyard Run with Obstacle Course with my sister for the second year in a row.  It takes place at Three Brothers Winery in the Finger Lakes, NY and includes a free wine/beer tasting after you finish at the three wineries they have on site; Stoney Lonesome Estates, Passion Feet Vineyard and Wine Barn, Bagg Dare Wine Co plus one brewery called War Horse Brewing Company.  You can even do a shot of wine at the water stations as you run along between obstacles, ya know just to make sure you stay hydrated 😉

VIno and the Beasts 5k VIno and the Beasts 5k

Our heat was scheduled for two o’clock but we arrived about two hours early to pick up our packet and bib and to see what fun vendors they had. After wandering around for a few minutes and annoying people to take our picture we decided to kill time with a glass of wine.  Normally I would not drink prior to running a race but really, it only seemed like the right thing to do given that we were at a winery and all.

Vino and the Beasts 5kVino and the Beasts 5k

Even though it was kind of a crappy day out, we still had this gorgeous view to look at while we waited and sipped on our wine, so it made it not so bad.  After hanging out for a bit watching the different heats take off at the starting line we decided to make the trek back to our car (we had to park pretty far away) to put away our phones/purses and chug some water.  By the time we arrived back at the vineyard, our heat was up and it was our turn to run!

Since I didn’t have a phone to take pictures while I was running, I’ll just describe the different obstacles we encountered along the course as we made our way through the vineyard. After taking a shot of wine at the starting line, we were off and ran between the grape vines where we came across some balance beams that we had to work our way across. Next came bottleneck tunnels that we had to crawl through which were covered with a black tarp at either end, making it pitch black.  After finding our way out we then made our way up the hill and around the corner to the “web of winos” otherwise known as a cargo net where we had to make our way up one side then down the other. 

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We then made our way back down the hill and had to “get in the sack” and hop across the lawn from one end to another where we then continued down the hill and crossed into the Zugibe Vineyards. Once we arrived, we immediately encountered a large black net that we had work our way under by holding the net over our head the entire time- I found this to be particularly challenging for some reason, mostly because my fingers kept getting stuck! As we continued through the vineyards of Zugibe, we had to make our way through the most challenging of the obstacles: a series of big bales we had to hop over, the mash pit where we had to crawl through mud then the beast bath where we were able to rinse off by swimming across a pond then climbing our way out. 

The course then finished off with tire rings of wrath, Mt. Vino– which was a wall we had to climb up using a rope then weaving our way over net hurdles and finally ending with “vault to the vino” where we had to use our body weight to vault ourselves over the wooden walls before making it to the finish! WOOHOO time for wine!

Vino and the Beasts 5k

This picture was taken after we had a chance to dry off and change our clothes where we then proceed to taste all of the different wine deliciousness as we toured the wineries and brewery.  Actually, we ate first just to make sure our tummies were full before drinking and while there was a variety to choose from I was particularly impressed with one vendor called “lettuce b. frank” that offered “farm to foil” food. 

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Vino and the Beasts 5k

I ended up getting the local beef slider which came with the sweet potato hash, vegan coleslaw, pickled veggies and English muffin.  I love that they offered vegan and gluten free local ingredients and it all tasted pretty amazing! 

Oh & I can’t forget to mention the sweet race swag- not only were we all given a finishers medal but we also got a sweat activated t-shirt and an awesome wine glass along with our wine tasting passport!

Vino & The Beasts 5k

Overall, I had a great time at the event and even though the weather was cold and windy, it was worth it and a nice change of pace to participate in a race that was meant to be fun and not worry about time or pace.  I’m excited to sign up again for next year!

QOTD: Do you ever participate in races just for fun? Have you ever raced through a vineyard?

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