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When I first increased my mileage I started the search to see what was out there that would give me the energy I need and meet all of my requirements.  My standards are set pretty high to be honest.  The product has to be gluten free, vegan and low in unnecessary sugars.  Plus it needs to be all natural without any crap or preservatives.  It honestly doesn’t make any sense to me to feed my body with anything artificial if it is trying to perform.  

Thankfully, Mark and Heidi Ribkoff felt much of the same way and in their search for something made of whole foods, was portable and obviously delicious, PocketFuel Naturals was born.  

Pocketfuel Info Sheet


Established in 2011, PocketFuel originally started off first in jars then due to popular demand transitioned into re-sealable pouches and now offer 7 flavors of scrumptious nut butters as well as 3 flavors of Cold Brew Coffee Energy Gels.  They are all preservative free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and made with whole foods.  Plus they are all absolutely ah-mazing!  

Due to my love of PocketFuel I contacted them to see if they would be willing to send me any to review and almost immediately they responded saying yes! SCORE!  Tasting all of these nut butters samples and cold brew coffee gels was far from a chore.  It was pretty heavenly, actually, and I had to refrain from eating them all at once!  😉 

Pocketfuel Nut Butter Blends


First, let’s break it down by the seven nut butter blends that they make. There are five almond butter blends that they offer: Crunchy Banana Blueberry, Chunky Coconut Cherry, Chocolate Espresso, Chia Goji & Honey, and Pineapple Coconut.  The other two flavors, Chocolate Haze and Vanilla Haze are both hazelnut and almond butter blends that are delightfully creamy, in my opinion. I actually brought them all to Ragnar with me plus more that I ordered and managed to EAT THEM ALL in a matter of two days which proves that you can, in fact, live off nut butter.   Pocketfuel Naturals Chocolate Espresso

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Ok, so I may not have eaten ONLY nut butter but I honestly only had one real meal in those 24+ hours and otherwise PocketFuel nut butter was all I ate.  The combination of protein, healthy fats in each plus natural sugars helped to fuel me and power me through each of my runs.  IF I had to pick ONE flavor I liked the best, I would have to say that the Chocolate Espresso is one of my favorites but honestly they were all delicious.

They are offered in both 1.15 oz single serve packets (shown) and 1.8 oz resealable pouches (not shown).  Other huge bonus, PocketFuel now makes a 20oz reusable SoftFlask so you can reduce, reuse, refuel and remain friends with the environment at the same time. :) 

PocketFuel also makes the Cold Brew Coffee Energy gels which I am absolutely in love with.  They actually cold-brew their coffee saturating the organic coffee beans for 12-15 hours to produce a pure coffee concentrate which they blend with organic coconut milk to make a magical pudding like gel that melts in your mouth! 

Pocketfuel Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots

I have been using these for several months now to fuel my long runs and all three of their flavors; Java, Mocha & Vanilla are a win for me! The best part about these energy shots besides being gluten free, vegan, soy free, preservative free and all that fun stuff is that they taste awesome too.  

Usually when I go on my long runs it is very early in the morning and being able to fuel mid-run with cold brew coffee is such a treat! I literally look forward to my half way point so that I can savor every last lick.  The ONLY complaint that I have is that I wish the package were designed with more of a spout instead of a tear-off.  If I rip it open too quickly it can get kinda messy.  Otherwise, I am in love 😉 

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Pocketfuel Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots

Like I mentioned before, all of the flavors are delicious, but again if I had to pick one it would be the Mocha.  Can you tell I have a thing for chocolate?  Thankfully, they sell them in variety packs because picking between the three flavors is a little too much stress for me! Anyway, what I really love about the Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots other than tasting delicious is that I truly do feel the energy that I need in order to finish my run strong and focused. 

If it hasn’t been obvious from all the love I professed, please note that PocketFuel Naturals and I are pretty much the perfect match.  As in, the nut butter, the cold brew coffee and I are all having a love affair.  Please don’t tell my husband 😉  If you have also have a not-so-secret passion for nut butter and java you can try out PocketFuel for 20% off right now with the code FANTASTICFALL20 when you spend $40 or more.  Plus you get fun PocketFuel stickers…and who doesn’t love stickers? You know I’ll be stocking up!

QOTD: What is your favorite way to fuel? 

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