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13.1 Plan of Attack, Half Marathon Training via @FitFoodieMama

Over the last 12 weeks I have been training for my 2nd half marathon, the Syracuse Half, which is coming up this Sunday, March 22nd.  While I have pretty much followed my training plan to a T, I won’t lie- I am a bit nervous, mostly because I have a goal time in mind and I am not sure if I am setting myself up for failure.  

The first half marathon I ran was the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in Vegas this past November.  I had the same goal time in mind, 1:45, but finished 4 minutes short at 1:49.  I chalked it up to injury (I stopped running for 2 weeks before), a cold and traveling.  I was disappointed that I didn’t meet my goal but anxious to have at it again.

 SO when I signed up for the Syracuse Half back in November, I automatically made it my goal time….I am competitive (mostly with myself) by nature and wanted to prove that I could do it.  

In order to make it happen I needed a plan of attack which came in the form of the “Own It” training schedule out of Train Like A Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line- and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity.  The schedule was quite aggressive putting me all the way up to 15 miles for my long run right before tapering.  

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For the most part, I rocked it! No injuries or missed miles BUT they were all done on the TREADMILL which I actually came to enjoy…the only problem is that my training didn’t prepare me for the one element that might make or break my goal time….THE WEATHER! 

Here is the current forecast for Sunday:

Syracuse Half Weather Forecast

27 DEGREES AND SNOWING! Well, crap! This might end up being a huge factor in my performance but it is something that I have no control over.  There are factors I can control and I intend to, this is my plan of attack: 

Get as much sleep as possible….

Half Marathon Plan of Attack, Sleep


I don’t mean like sleep in til noon kind of sleep but going to bed early and making sure I get 7-8 quality hours of Zzz’s.  So far this week I have not done very well…sick kid plus randomly waking up at 2 AM has not helped.  Hopefully the next four nights will be better! 

Eat with intention….

13.1 Plan of Attack


I usually eat to fuel my body but let’s just say that being stuck inside during this frigid winter and running high mileages each week lead to giving myself passes on things like an extra serving of potatoes and another glass of wine.  For the next week I am going to really buckle down and eliminate anything that isn’t beneficial to my performance….including wine (sad face) and chugging water instead to ensure that I’m hydrated.

Follow my workout plan…

13.1 Plan of Attack, Half Marathon Training

My training plan for the week looks like this:

  • Sunday-  Total Body Workout 
  • Monday- Easy 3-4 Miles 
  • Tuesday- Upper Body Workout 
  • Wednesday- Easy 3 Miles + 4-6 Strides 
  • Thursday- Lower Body Workout 
  • Friday- Total Body Workout 
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- 13.1 
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Here is the total body workout that I did on Sunday at the Mohegan Sun hotel gym, I was surprised they had both a med ball and stability ball! 

13.1 Plan of Attack, Plan to PR Workout via @FitFoodieMama

**Disclaimer**I am not a certified personal trainer

Use a pacing band….

Runner's World Pacing Band


This will be my first race using a GPS watch and actually paying attention to my pace per mile so I thought it would be useful to have a pacing band to reference- this one was created using a pace calculator on Runners World.  I also have been running on the treadmill and not really paying much attention to my time at each mile so a pacing band will come in handy and keep me on track! 

Run the tangents….

13.1 Plan of Attack!

 When I ran the Vegas RnR, I could have sworn that the course seemed a bit long.  Obviously, it wasn’t but what I did discover was that I didn’t run the tangents. Or basically, I didn’t run straight lines on the course instead I took wide turns which added distance onto my overall run therefore a later finish time.  For the Syracuse Half I plan to run the tangents as best as possible in order to cut down on any extra distance. 

So that’s my plan, hopefully it works!

 Do you have any advice to give me? What has worked to help you PR? 

Link up below if you have a workout, recipe or fitness find to share! Just be sure to grab the badge or link back and we will be sure to spread the inspiration around! 😀 

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Renee @ Bendiful Blog
Reply March 18, 2015

Ha! While you have real goals and an awesome plan in place for Sunday. I saw that forecast and decided my goal is to cross the finish line. I'm going to start out slow get through the James Street Hill and enjoy the course and the cold. WHY 27 and SNOWING? WHY? Spring come on. Get that Goal girl! You're going to crush it if you've been training with a program. I used Hal Higdons plan but wasn't so keen on following it after a while. I'm going to hurt but I'm going to finish!
Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted...Bosu Fitness — Wild WorkoutMy Profile

    Reply March 18, 2015

    I have no idea why it has to be so cold and snowing still, I was hoping for a heat wave of like 40 degrees and maybe partly cloudy...didn't think that was too much to ask for at the end of March but I guess I was WRONG! You will rock it still- just go fast so you can finish sooner and stay warm! :)

Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner
Reply March 18, 2015

Damn that weather this year!! I know you are going to crush it and I can't wait to read all about it. Good luck
Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted...Put A Better Spin On Cycle ClassMy Profile

    Reply March 18, 2015

    I know, the weather just wont let up!!! Thank you- I hope so, we will see :P

Julie @ Running in a Skirt
Reply March 18, 2015

Ughhhh!!!! That stinks! So sorry!
I hope you still get a clear road and will be able to push since you've trained so hard.
I know you CAN crush it.
What you mentioned are all things I have done to hit a PR. Trying to run as little as possible (tangents) is a good one. I always focus on let turnover in my middle miles b/c I tend to slack there.
Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted...Oskar Blues 4 Miler 2015My Profile

    Reply March 18, 2015

    Thank you!!! I am sure the roads will be okay, I am more just worried about the temperature and my pace. I will be happy as long as I PR even if I don't meet my goal time. Definitely need to focus on running the tangents mid-race too, I am sure I will fatigue there.

Reply March 18, 2015

My tip: Just find that groove and go with it. You know the feeling, chest up, shoulders back, looking straight ahead and just gliding along. Find a pacer and hang with them. Don't give up, keep pushing that pace you've been practicing. And dress for the weather. The more comfortable you are and the less stressed, the more natural you'll run. Good luck!

    Reply March 18, 2015

    Thank you so much, Leah! That is great advice!!! Finding a pacer and getting into a groove really does help! I will be sure to dress warm and comfy :)

Kailey Ingerman
Reply March 18, 2015

You've got this!! Best of luck, I am still holding out hope that Sunday's weather changes for the better in the Northeast!
Kailey Ingerman recently posted...Back by No one's Demand!!! :)My Profile

    Reply March 18, 2015

    Thank you so much, I just need to keep my head in the game :) Hoping the weather changes for the better too- that would be awesome!

Neal Quesnel
Reply March 18, 2015

Concentrate on even or negative splits! That's an often overlooked aspect of races that people don't even consider when running. Almost all of the elites run negative splits during their races, so it would make sense that us amateurs should follow suit.

Don't get caught up in the first mile speed, run your race. Running the first mile or two at 7:45's due to your competitive spirit flaring up as people inevitably fly by you, can make the next 11 miles a goal-missing-formality. It's much more powerful mentally to let these people zoom past you at the start knowing you're going to pass them back on the back half.

Best of luck out there! Hydrate!!
Neal Quesnel recently posted...How to Refocus Mentally During Long RunsMy Profile

    Reply March 18, 2015

    Thank you so much for dropping by, Neal and for the awesome advice!!! I practiced running negative splits every single run on the treadmill, just hoping my training will translate on the course since it is a bit hillier! I really appreciate your words of wisdom and will definitely keep them in mind as I am running on Sunday!

Jess @hellotofit
Reply March 18, 2015

that weather doesn't look fun at all, but I'm sure you're going to rock it!! Love the list of exercises in your workout :)
Jess @hellotofit recently posted...Using Gliding Discs to strengthen your core: the letter “L”My Profile

    Reply March 18, 2015

    Thank you!!! The workout was a lot of fun- even though it was hot as heck in there and I was dripping with sweat :P

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply March 18, 2015

You're gunna do it! You're gunna do it! You know why?! Cause I'll be about 10 minutes behind you cheering so loud you'll have to run faster just to get away from me. bwahaha.
Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted...How To Do The Perfect Push-UpMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Hahaha, I will be running faster not because of your cheers but bc of your encouragement! Can't wait to see you again...only 2 more days! YAY!

Amy @ Mama Running for God
Reply March 18, 2015

Not a pretty forecast! UGH! I know you can do it anyway! Your plan of attack looks great!
Amy @ Mama Running for God recently posted...Mid-Week Bites | Getting Faster and Feeling StrongerMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thank you! Crossing my fingers that the weather warms up a wee bit! :)

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes
Reply March 18, 2015

You have totally got this. Yes the weather is not stellar and I know how that feels. You need to go into the race knowing those limitations and not be too hard on yourself. Remember is is JUST a race and there will be many more to come. It's hard when we are so hard on ourselves and strive to be the best. The weather is out of your control. Just embrace it and do the best you can and don't dwell if it doesn't go your way. Good luck!!
Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted...Rock N Roll DC Recap and a cool new way to fuel motivation during a race!My Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thanks, Sue! You are so right, it is just a race and there is only so much I can do. I will be happy if I just come in close to or around my goal time if the weather sucks.

Sam @ PancakeWarriors
Reply March 18, 2015

AHHHH good luck on Sunday! I hope the snow holds off for you! I love this workout, pinned it :) Can't wait to hear how the race goes!
Sam @ PancakeWarriors recently posted...Chocolate Protein PopcornMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thank you!!! Let me know what you think of the workout :)

Mary Beth Jackson
Reply March 18, 2015

sounds like a great plan of attack! Don't stress about the weather because you can't do a thing about it! A wine detox is smart too- because we know wine dehydrates :( Remember to enjoy the race! I will still <3 you even if you finish at 1:46!
Mary Beth Jackson recently posted...Enjoy the journey……….My Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Awww <3 you too, MB!

Reply March 18, 2015

Ah sorry to hear about the weather...it's still 4 days away and the forecast can still change. Hoping it does for you. Either way, I have a feeling you will do great in your race!! You have a great plan! Good luck!
Sharon recently posted...2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thank you so much! :)

Katie @ Fit Life by Katie
Reply March 18, 2015

Good luck on Sunday! Glad you have your plan of attack all straightened out. I think it's a good one. I always run crazy over on half marathons due to all the dodging i do, even though I'm trying not to haha!!
Katie @ Fit Life by Katie recently posted...Workout Wednesday: Arm & Leg CircuitMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thank you! It is hard not to try and dodge people and concentrate on running in a specific way...usually I am just trying not to run into someone!

Abby @ BackAtSquareZero
Reply March 19, 2015

Hoping the weather works out for you.
Stay focused, watch the tangents so you don't add any extra if you can avoid it.
You got this.
Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted...A Breakfast Confession and Giveaway: Featuring Cheerios and Florida Orange JuiceMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thanks so much! You were the one who mentioned the tangents to me originally, such great advice!

Nora @ 2 Generations Running
Reply March 19, 2015

Yay for half marathons!!!! I'm sure you'll do well, and if the weather doesn't cooperate, there's nothing you can do. Just run your best race and enjoy it :) I can't wait to hear how it goes!
Nora @ 2 Generations Running recently posted...Reflections on My First Yoga ClassesMy Profile

    Reply March 19, 2015

    Thank you so much! I am sure it will be fun even if it is freezing cold and snowing!

Reply March 19, 2015

Congrats on training for your next half marathon! Your plan looks great. Keep it up!
Katie recently posted...Workout Wednesday: Zumba Zumba!!!My Profile

    Reply March 20, 2015

    Thank you so much!!! :)

Debbie Rodrigues
Reply March 22, 2015

I never really worked towards breaking a PR, but in general, I really like the pace you are giving your training, and mainly allowing your body to recover.
Many times we focus only on the work, burning up our energy sources and the results are catastrophic.
My surgery will take place on April 3rd. It will be like a "reset" for me and I'm looking forward coming back stronger than before.
Thanks for the awesome linkup! I'm catching up with everyone now. ;)
Debbie Rodrigues recently posted...Wild Workout Wednesday : Give It All!My Profile

    Reply March 23, 2015

    Thanks so much, all my training paid off :) I will be thinking about you as you have your surgery and sending well wishes your way! You will most certainly come back stronger!!! You're a tough cookie <3

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