Wild Workout Wednesday: Cross Training Functional Fitness Style!


Welcome to our first Wild Workout Wednesday link up! Each week I will be linking up with Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Upala at Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber at Bold Fit Mom  to bring you workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.  Join us for a wild workout each week by reading along or grab the button and link up if you have a fitness or healthy living post to share!

Since it is the first week of the link up, I decided I would introduce myself to those of you who may be unfamiliar and give you a little bit of a background as to my fitness routine and healthy living lifestyle.  

For those of you who are visiting The Fit Foodie Mama for the first time, hi there and thanks for stopping by! 😀  I’m Annmarie, a mom of a two little girls, a runner, gluten free recipe creator and fitness enthusiast.  I am currently training for my 2nd half marathon and will be running my first full marathon this Fall- YIKES! 

Aside from running, part of my training revolves around functional fitness for cross training.  I’m talking kettlebell, sandbag, equalizer, battle rope workouts, TRX and if you follow me on Instagram at all, you have an idea of what I’m talking about. For the purpose of this link up, I will mainly be focusing on the cross training equipment I use along with some resources, running workouts, gear reviews and the occasional pre/post workout recipe! 

So what exactly is functional fitness? 

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What is Functional Fitness?

Essentially, functional fitness is training your body to handle real life situations.  You can perform these exercises using just your bodyweight or you can use a variety of equipment including but not limited to:

  • Sandbags– the resistance is variable since the weight is shifting therefore challenging your balance and stability all while building strength.
  • Battling Ropes– great for improving conditioning and grip strength
  • Weighted Speed Ropes– help build speed, stamina and agility. 
  • Suspension Trainer– uses your body weight to strengthen your core and improve stability. 
  • Kettlebells– improve both strength and conditioning and increase range of motion. 
  • Equalizer– extremely versatile and great for bodyweight and cardiovascular training as well as stretching. Wild Workout Wednesday Link Up

Over the last several years I have been slowly building my own home gym and have added all of this functional equipment plus some.  Since I was bored and feeling creative I made a collage from my Instagram feed just to give you a visual of what I’m talking about. 

Also from my Instagram page is this killer Jump Roper Cardio Ladder.  It’s a total of 12 minutes of jumping rope and a bodyweight circuit that targets the whole body.

Jump Rope Cardio Ladder

** I am not a certified trainer or instructor. Please consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program**

You start each round with 3 minutes of jumping rope followed by pushups, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, ab v-ups then burpees.  Start with 20 reps of each then 15, then 10 then 5.  It doesn’t look like much but I swear it’s sweaty! 

 In the coming Wild Workout Wednesday link ups I will share more about the functional equipment I use plus I have a really exciting announcement to make too- at least I’m excited about it, hopefully you will be as well! 😀 

Don’t forget to grab the badge and link up with us if you have a wild workout you wanna share! Happy Hump Day!

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About me

Annmarie is a self proclaimed foodie, avid long distance runner and functional fitness coach. A DVRT Master Trainer, HKC Instructor and food allergy sufferer, she writes about strength training for runners as well as shares allergy friendly recipes for busy athletes.   She is also the owner of Strength In Motion Studio, mother of two sassy sisters and wife to a chronically busy chiropractor.   Subscribe by email for updates to get the latest workouts, advice and recipes straight to your inbox!


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