Yoga + Creativity Review and Giveaway! {Ended}

Through my ambassadorship with I’m Fit Possible, I was recently given the opportunity to review and try out the eBook Yoga + Creativity by Lacey Haynes from the The Yoga Emporium.    Lacey Haynes Bio MASTER Lacey is a yoga teacher, writer, trained actor and intuitive healer.  In fact, she wrote designed and photographed the entire Yoga + Creativity eBook.  Lacey also writes for DoYouYoga, the Huffington Post and runs The Yoga Emporium. She is all about  helping people finding their innate happiness and creativity through the exploration of yoga.  

So what exactly is Yoga + Creativity all about? It’s pages consist of 4 different yoga practices along with 20 different creative tasks.  The creative tasks include everything from singing to drawing to dancing and self reflection exercises to help explore and unlock your creative potential.  The eBook also features inspirational quotes and mantras to guide you to discovering your inner strength.    


When I first found out I had the opportunity to follow along and review the eBook I was excited but hesitant.  Honestly, I am not a yogi and never have had the patience to practice yoga.  I kinda have Ricky Bobby Syndrome when it comes to exercising (“I wanna go fast!!”)- Anyone? No one? It’s from Talledega Nights for those of you who don’t know what I’m referencing 😉

Anyway, yoga has never really been my “thing” so to speak.  That’s what great about this eBook though, you don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy it and benefit from it. You can go at your own pace and follow the eBook as it is written or do a “here and there” approach.  I chose to do a “here and there” approach.  Partly because I still wanted to fit in the time for my other workouts and mostly because I have two little minions at home that make it hard to do anything with much peace! 

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When I began the book I started a journal to keep notes of what I found interesting, notable or what I really enjoyed.  I had originally intended on transferring those notes into this post but instead of the few sentences I had assumed I would jot down, it turned into a mini book itself.  I guess you can say it really helped to unleash my creative process.  

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So that I don’t bore you, I will just give you a summary of my notes :) I found slowing down to perform the yoga poses to be relaxing and refreshing.  I actually connected my body with my mind, it was an entirely different way of associating movement with my muscles from when I am strength training.  I wrote down on one of the pages that I could feel my chest muscles stretching and how good it felt.  I didn’t even realize that my chest muscles were tight! 

My favorite part of the this eBook was exploring my creative side! That’s what drew me to wanting to review it and that is what makes this follow along eBook so unique! Starting with the yoga and moving onto the creative task flowed so organically; my mind and body felt relaxed and ready to push past my creative boundaries.  At first, the singing out loud all by myself after enjoying a session of quiet yoga felt silly, but I quickly embraced it.  The writing came naturally to me and the words flowed out through the pen and onto the pages; this was the most cathartic of all the tasks for me.  The drawing task really unleashed my inner child, which I found to be fun and truly enjoyable.  There were several different prompts for the drawing portion but I will share with you the free flow example.  

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NAILED IT! Haha, just kidding.  The entire point is that it isn’t about your abilities as an artist, its about expressing what comes out naturally.  The reason mine looks so child-like is because I was actually thinking about my daughters at the time.  The heart represents my love for them, and the purple and blue on either side are the colors I associate with each of them.  Its not exactly abstract but it’s what came out.  

I could go on with this review because I honestly enjoyed the eBook so much and wrote down a lot of great things in my journal.  In the interest of time and not belaboring the point, I will just say that it is well worth the $20 investment.  It’s a resource of yoga exercises and creative practices that you can incorporate into your daily life, and certainly not a one time “read through”.  The good news is that I am doing a giveaway and one lucky reader will win their own copy of Yoga + Creativity.  You can enter using the rafflecopter below! 

For those of you that don’t win or can’t wait until the giveaway ends to see what the pages hold, you can purchase Yoga + Creativity through my affiliate link here.  

Good luck with the giveaway and if you end up purchasing the eBook I hope you enjoy it and find it as therapeutic as I did! 

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